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We realize that not all organizations are alike. Since 2002, we’ve been at the ready to offer the best solution for you. Our deep experience with Moodle and the nature of open-source code allow us to tailor a solution to your requirements.

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LMS Consulting for System Integration

System Integration

We integrate Moodle or Totara Learn with business systems to keep personnel and learner information up to date. We provide user, course, enrollment, grade and progress integration, and have experience integrating Moodle with a variety of registry, student information systems, CRM, HR and ERP systems — including Microsoft CRM, PeopleSoft, Banner, Datatel Colleague, iMIS, Workday, SharePoint CAMS, and many others. Wondering if your current solutions can integrate with Moodle or Totara Learn LMS?

Single-Sign-On (SSO) User Authentication

Allow trainers and students to sign on to Moodle or Totara with their existing user id and password. Single-Sign-On integration comes in many shapes and sizes, and operates on different protocols and levels. Whether you use a Central Authentication Service, cookie or hash for authentication, we’ve got you covered with a choice of options. oAuth, openID, SAML, HMAC protocol, PingFederate identity server, Active Directory (LDAP) configuration.

single sign on

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Moodle and Totara Learn LMS hold a wealth of data. Our in house reporting solution, Zoola Analytics, can provide you with the key to unlocking a solid understanding of your eLearning programs to afford you the ability to easily improve and expand on your learning and talent development activities. Zoola Analytics creates interactive and informative reports and dashboards that help you track, analyze and manage what matters.

Custom Report Development

Whether you need a custom executive dashboard that highlights how learning is enabling corporate goals or a set of course completion lists, Lambda Solutions can design, develop and deploy your unique reports on our LMS reporting and analytics solution, Zoola Analytics. Save time and money with our team of report development specialists while they create professional reports that match your brand identity.

Government workers

“Before, it would take up to two weeks, four times a year for our staff to run reports. Staff would have to manually go into every single teachers course and look at their progress. The Moodle report that Lambda’s development team designed does it automatically. ”

Bridget Clementi | Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Executive Director, Community Health and Education

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