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Success With Result-Driven Support

You know us by name and we know you, your business, and your goals so that we can address your needs directly with a personal touch and focus on achieving results.

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product knowledge to master your eLearning

Get started faster, create engaging content, and provide the best experience for learners, instructors, and administrators so you can achieve your goals.

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The Best Way To Reach Your Goals

Get up and running faster, without wasting time fumbling with product management, automation, team management, and onboarding.

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Unite your systems for success

Our experts will bring all your eLearning pieces together and create your ideal eLearning experience for learners, instructors, and administrators alike.

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There's cloud, then there's True Cloud

True Cloud Hosting provides you with the best performance and tightest security available no matter how fast you grow or where in the world you are.

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Relationships built 
on trust

Get your eLearning off to a running start with a tailored plan that answers all your questions, utilizes the best technology, and adds value every step of the way.

Our instructional designers have found Lambda to be very good partners who provide support and get the information they need when they need it. The Lambda team is also always on hand to provide assistance with report building and interfacing with Zoola Analytics. Ensuring the instructional designers have the tools they need enables our entire retail training operation to run smoother.

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Bradley Eamer

Education + Application Support

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Not only are the learners getting more out of their training, but the education team can now know which questions may have something wrong with them.

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Rachel Jorgensen

Coding Support Manager, iMedX

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The key thing really is, it is the cost savings we experience in working with Lambda, but it’s also the experience, and really the knowledge of Moodle that Lambda’s Expert Support team has.

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Anu Goyal

Sr. Manager of Instructional Technology & Design, Rutgers State University

We definitely made the right decision going with Lambda Solutions. We have been able to reduce our overall costs, increase topline revenue and deliver a superior online training experience—all at the same time. That is a very tough thing to do and we were able to accomplish all three, immediately from launch.

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Mike Montague

Vice President of Online Learning & Development, Sandler Systems, Inc.

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