What is Totara?

Totara, or otherwise known as Totara Learn, is an open source talent and learning management system (LMS) that extends upon the core structure of Moodle for corporate, healthcare and government environments.

Totara, or otherwise known as Totara Learn, is an open source talent and learning management system (LMS) that extends upon the core structure of Moodle for corporate, healthcare and government environments. Released on the global market in 2011, Totara closed a gap that Moodle, an education-focused LMS, left wide open. Developers of Totara recognized the need for an open source learning management system that addressed the core requirements expected of a high-end corporate learning management system. Rising quickly to the top, Totara is ranked as one of 2014’s Top 20 learning portals worldwide by TrainingIndustry.com.

Totara Learn LMS

What Functionalities does Totara Add?

Tailored for the working professional, Totara Learn adds the following functionalities that enable corporate, healthcare, government and education clients like BMI Healthcare, McDonald’s and Tesco exceed their training and learning goals. What follows is a brief list of Totara’s added functionalities:

  • Competency based training and management
  • Compliance training and management.
  • Performance management
  • Role-based learning paths
  • Personal development plans linked to performance appraisals
  • Team learning management
  • Classroom management
  • Accreditation management
  • Sophisticated reporting
  • Open badges and certifications

Looking for help with Totara?

Totara is offered on a subscription based model to save you from expensive licensing fees seen by proprietary solution counterparts. So how cost effective is Totara?

As an open source distribution of Moodle, the leading open source LMS, Totara follows the same release path as Moodle so that new versions are released every six months. With a comprehensive subscription model for enterprises of all sizes, Totara Learn will save you up to 80% more than leading competitors who lock you in with licensing fees. Hosting services aside, Totara can cost you as little as 11 cents per user depending on the size of your organization. When comparing the cost of on premise hosting, adding Totara managed hosting to your solution decreases the cost per user further.

How can Totara be integrated with corporate, healthcare, or government IT systems?

Totara LMS can be easily integrated with online content resource repositories, human resource management systems, workforce management systems, compliance management records and business intelligence software.

Furthermore, Totara can be installed on any computer that runs on PHP, and can support an SQL type database. Totara runs equally well on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.  As such, Totara can be hosted on a variety of web hosting platforms. For optimal performance and user experience we recommend managed hosting services because they cost less than on premise hosting and are customized for your unique Totara site.

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