The Fundamentals in Competency Training

The ROI of Competency Training

This live webinar  explores the world of training. Lambda Solutions’ Business Analyst Arnet Tkachuk teams up with Bernadette Allen of the Competency Group to deliver an intro to competencies and training Learning Management Systems.

Competency-based training is one of those over-used (buzz) phrases in the training world. Everyone wants it (or does it), but few people understand what it really means. Just as performance-based interviews can help to identify qualified job candidates, competency-based training can ensure that employee development is directly tied to job performance.  In the training world, this means separating the “need to know” from the “nice to know.” If it isn’t required for job performance, it shouldn’t be listed in the company training catalog.

    • Why a lot of training is a waste of money
    • What is competency-based training?
    • How a competency-based training system works
    • How competency-based training promotes
    • How Learning Management systems like Moodle and Totara can facilitate competency training

Speaker: Bernadette Allen, CEO of The Competency Group


Bernadette Allen is CEO of The Competency Group, a human resource development company that specializes in competency-based talent management. Since 1997, Bernadette has led the company’s efforts in competency analysis, training development, strategic training consulting and training evaluation for a wide variety of industries and sectors such as mining, electricity, hospitality, agriculture, health care, biotechnology, vocational training, and financial etc.

Bernadette holds a Masters Degree in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University and certification in competency analysis and competency-based training from The Canadian Vocational Association and The Ohio State University.

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