Designing Engaging Interactive Online Learning for Adults

This webinar will deliver the key principles of online learning and provide best practice examples for course development and design. Intended for educators, trainers and subject matter experts who are developing online learning programs and courses, this free webinar will include the following topics:

  • Adult learning principles
  • Application of adult learning principles to create user engagement
    • Internally motivated and self-directed
    • Life experience to relevant learning experience
    • Practical application
    • Social engagement
  • Best practices in fostering social learning

You will gain a broader understanding of the considerations that will help you create engaging and effective online learning experiences.

Speaker: Jim Yupangco, VP Customer Experience at Lambda Solutions


With over 15 years as a learning designer, Jim Yupangco has been committed to improving the effectiveness on how people learn and engage with content online: “eLearning is not a sub-domain of education; rather it is simply learning using an arsenal of technologies to assist in the internalization of information into knowledge.” He has worked with many organizations in the last 11 years with their implementation and deployment of open source technologies.

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