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Moodle & Totara FAQs

Moodle Implementation & Support FAQs

Do you provide free Moodle upgrades?

Upgrades are provided as part of our Moodle/Totara hosting package.

Are you able to integrate Moodle with other software systems?

Yes, we have experience in integrating into Drupal, Joomla, WordPress; student information systems like SIS and Banner; e-commerce platforms like Magento; data repositories like Alfresco; video streaming services like Big Blue Button and Kaltura; and ePortfolio solutions like Mahara.

Totara and Moodle Managed Hosting FAQs

How is hosting Totara and Moodle different from hosting any other application?

When we use Totara and Moodle to deliver education and training, they become a key part of your organization’s brand experience. Because learning is often delivered to larger groups of students at the same time or at multiple remote locations, the ability to scale and deliver responsive online learning interactions is critically important. We manage your Totara and Moodle instances to make sure you can deliver consistent and fluid learning experiences, so you can focus on the outcomes.

How does Lambda Solutions deliver reliable and scalable Managed Moodle Hosting?

Lambda Solutions has worked with Moodle since 2003 and we continue to invest in our people and technology to provide the best Moodle expertise and managed hosting services to meet the often unique needs of our customers. We believe in keeping Moodle open and support customers who host in-house, but we know we provide the best value to you when you host in Lambda Solutions private Moodle Cloud.

We make sure that you receive the quality experience and service you desire:

  • We start by certifying the latest Moodle version to make sure that it is stable and provides valuable improvements over the previous version.
  • We review the Moodle application plugins and take the same rigour to test and certify them to make sure they work well with the Moodle versions we support. We also provide you with a list of approved applications that we tried, tested and know deliver value to you.
  • We update and optimize our servers to make sure we get the desired performance and stability.
  • We select quality hardware  that delivers high reliability, performance and scaling.
  • We design the back-up and restore process to meets your needs.
  • We monitor the performance of our systems. Our proactive maintenance process keeps pace with the growing installations.

What do you mean by “responsive” Managed Hosting Support?

We’re there when you need us. We provide responsive ticketing, email and telephone support, and we share updates via our Lambda Solutions support portal.

What is your process to make sure that our Totara and Moodle implementation gets up and running quickly and without surprises?

We work with your team to learn about your preferences in terms of involvement, customizations, integration, repositories, content distribution (CDN), streaming, conferencing, reporting and mobile use of your Totara or Moodle system.

Next, we help you plan data and course migration and training. We also bring in our Totara and Moodle experts to clarify specific needs, research specifics and help you choose the best path of action. Then we create a project team and schedule your implementation and once you sign off on the plan, we start our onboarding process to get you up and running and ready when you need to be.

What are the different hosting options that you provide?

We provide Shared Hosting for clients who have smaller Moodle installations and a limited budget.

This cost effective standard hosting environment provides all the basics and is quick and easy to implement. For larger customers who use Moodle as part of their business and want to be able to scale their Moodle rapidly and without limits we provide hosting on our Virtual dedicated servers that can be easily upgraded as user or course growth demands. Our virtual dedicated servers also offer the option for more customization and access to your Moodle instances if you are so inclined. For very large Enterprise class clients we develop custom implementations and a systems architecture to meet your specific needs.

How difficult is it to move to a higher level of hosting service? How scalable is your solution if our business grows?

Our servers are specifically configured to run Moodle optimally. Our managed hosting facility enables your organization to scale from 1,000 users to support up to 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 users in a virtual machine environment. However, if you require a dedicated hosted environment, Lambda is able to accommodate this requirement as well.


Which version of Moodle are you currently using for new hosted solutions?

We typically install the latest stable version of *Moodle (3.x)*, however, there have been instances where the client specifically asks for earlier versions of the product, which Lambda can provision.

Do you have a guaranteed uptime? (or What is the guaranteed percentage of uptime?)

Yes. We continuously monitor the performance of our servers and offer an optimized, fully redundant and high availability hosting architecture that boasts an average of 99.99% uptime and less than two-second average server response time and a page response threshold of two seconds.

Do you provide usage reporting?


How many administrators are allowed for a Moodle hosted environment?

As many as required by the client. However, Lambda recommends no more than 3 individuals.

Do you allow developer access to a client’s Moodle system?

We believe in providing customers with the autonomy to make decisions about their Moodle environment. In keeping with the spirit of open source a customer is able to explore and extend their Moodle system with plugins as determined by their needs. Though you are free to help with development, we are always here to assist you with customization and development of your system.


Looking for a Learning Management System?

Lambda has a turnkey ready solution in our cloud infrastructure.  Based on open source Moodle and Totara, they feature rich and amazing value for your dollar.  While our implementation process has proven its success for over 600 organizations, we realize that no two organizations are alike. Our experience in learning makes it easy for us to tailor a solutions that meets your unique needs.

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Moving from Saba, Blackboard, Sumtotal
or another LMS?

Not a problem. We can help you with the export, transfer and load process to move your course information, content and learner information over to Moodle or Totara. Our experience will make the transition seamless.

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