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Why Moodle with Lambda?

Flexible LMS

Open Source Flexibility
& Feature-Rich

Moodle’s extensive plugin library allows you to match leading systems at a fraction of the cost so you benefit from the best value for your budget.

Secure and Powerful

Powerful, Secure and
Subscription Free

With one of the largest open-source teams worldwide, you benefit from a global Community of developers who consistently update Moodle. Experience an LMS that is updated fast.

Easy Deployment

Quick & Easy Deployment
without IT

With a fast, simple and scalable Moodle deployment, we reduce your IT operating costs and worries so you can focus on what matters most.

“Ultimately, the team chose Moodle over alternative solutions because the open-source LMS offered the ultimate flexibility and customization.”

JOSH ALLEN, RN.| CEO, Care and Compliance

Discover Moodle’s Features & Functionality

Moodle is the world’s best LMS, and it’s easy to see why.

With 85 million users across the globe, Moodle is the most-widely used learning management system by organizations of all types. Moodle is a user-friendly, highly-configurable, and feature rich LMS that enables organizations to achieve their learning goals. Learn about some of Moodle’s most popular features below.


On-Demand Learning 24/7

Flexible Learning

Moodle’s eLearning platform allows for 24/7 access to courses and content. Materials can be accessed from anywhere learners have Internet access, giving them the freedom to learn on their own time.

Mobile Compatibility

Moodle offers mobile eLearning, making learning-on-the-go easier. Mobile eLearning is considered a complementary aspect of the learning process, providing greater flexibility for learners to access course materials on any mobile device.


Moodle can be translated in over 100 languages, making it inclusive for learners across the globe. This allows you to offer your courses in as many languages as you choose.

On Demand Features

Interactive & Engaging eLearning

Quality, Up-to-date Content

Uploading & updating course content has never been simpler! Learning administrators can make it easy for students to access editable PDFs, online articles, journals, videos, and audio.

Multimedia Interactivity

Moodle’s built-in media tools allow you to easily embed video, audio, animation and images into your courses. This provides learners with multiple means of learning stimulation to keep them engaged.

Collaborative Learning Tools

Moodle has several communication features including Wiki’s, workshops, forums, surveys, chats, and feedback functions, all of which enable collaborative content-driven learning practices.

Gamification & Games

Built-in game features allow you to test your learners in a fun and interactive way. Using glossary terms and quiz questions, challenge game lovers with classics such as hangman, Sudoku and snakes and ladders.

Integrated Badges

Make student certification clear by acknowledging achievement. Compatible with Mozilla Open Badges, Moodle’s badges help to reward and motivate your learners.

Video Conferencing

Deliver a high-quality learning experience to your remote learners via real-time sharing of slides, whiteboards, audio, video, chat and desktops. Sessions can be recorded for your learners to play back later!

Live or Recorded Webinars

With an integration for Adobe Connect, webinars can be added directly into Moodle as an activity so that your learners can register, attend and join a webinar session without having to leave their course.

Face-to-Face Activities

For a true blended learning approach, incorporate in-person seminars or training allowing learners to register right within Moodle. Reminders will be sent and registration can be taken making administration a breeze.

Easy to Track Progress

Electronic Outcomes and Rubrics

These allow you to communicate learning expectations with learners. Rubrics also make it easy to select from advanced grading methods that connect directly to courses and examinations.

Quizzes and Exams

Testing has never been easier to administer. With options to choose any type of examination question from a set of pre-created questions, teachers can share work and students benefit from innovative testing.

Custom Reporting

Monitor events, run overview statistics of courses and learners, generate data on side-wide communication and discover the depth of participation in your courses! Participation reports even allow you to send mass emails to students who have not engaged with course material and activities.

Configure your own Reports

If Moodle’s out-of-the-box reporting features don’t get you just the information you need, configurable reporting allows you to pull the learning information you need. There are also custom reporting options for those of you who require something extra special.

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