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We will create the perfect blend of quality learning to enhance the development of your organizations e-Learners. We have over 1,400 engaging courses, with competency based training for safety, human resources, healthcare, and government.  Our wide variety of topics range from Workplace Communication, Privacy, OSHA, Sexual Harassment, HIPPA and more.  All courses are SCORM and AICC compliant, ready for use in your Learning Management System.

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As former instructional designers we understand how important it is to provide learners with interesting, engaging and interactive course material. We have partner with world leading content providers to ensure you provide learning that contributes to your business objectives. 


Our ability to integrate with Lynda.com allows you to connect courses directly to your Moodle site. With this seamless Moodle integration, you can enrich your Moodle site with online video from Lynda.com. This allows your learners to easily search for courses, track their progress, and access assigned material.

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Our partnership with Open Sesame enables you to select from over 20,000+ courses compatible with Totara LMS. Choose from a selection of ready-made courses to educate your learners on: performance driven business skills, safety, compliance and technology. There are also industry-specific courses and a wide-variety of certifications to choose from.

“We used to have to have lots of meetings with our old vendor over mockups and wireframes before they would get it, but with Lambda Solutions, they understand what we’re going for and it often takes just one meeting!”

MATT CHERRY | ETR Associates E-Learning Project Coordinator

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