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Seattle, Washington—September 25, 2014

Earlier this month Totara LMS—an open source distribution of Moodle—was named one of the Top 20 Learning Portal Companies for a third consecutive year by Up against long-time players like Skillsoft, Totara LMS has quickly distinguished itself as a key competitive player since arrival on the market in 2011.’s comprehensive analysis on top learning portals rates products on the following six factors for which Totara LMS ranked high in all:

  •     Breadth of functionality and capabilities criteria
  •     Commitment to the corporate training industry
  •     Industry visibility, innovation and impact
  •     Number and strength of clients
  •     Geographic reach
  •     Company size and growth potential

Specifically, Totara LMS was ranked high for the platform’s flexibility, price and ability to be quickly and efficiently implemented into both small to large organizations. If organizations do not have IT development capabilities or want to outsource for cost reduction, partner organizations like Lambda Solutions provide these specialized services for small to large organizations.

An additional reason why Totara was rated so high was due to the fact that organizations do not have to pay for licensing fees. The subscription-based learning platform comes with all the key features expected from enterprise-grade LMSs and more. With capabilities that extend above proprietary LMSs, Totara is guaranteed to be 80% more cost effective than competitors. Shevy Levy, CEO of Lambda Solutions—an organization who specializes in Totara managed hosting, implementation and custom development confirms her confidence in Totara in the following statement:

Shevy Levy, CEO of Lambda Solutions—an organization who specializes in Totara managed hosting, implementation and custom development confirms her confidence in Totara in the following statement:

“Lambda Solutions has been in the learning and talent development market for over 12 years now. Since day one we have been authorized partners of the leading open source LMS, Moodle, which is the core skeleton that Totara is built upon. When we received news that Totara was in the process of extending upon Moodle’s powerful, flexible and cost-effective capabilities—but tailored for corporate clients—we knew partnership was in the stars as Lambda’s capabilities align perfectly to support the functional needs of Totara LMS users.”

In combination with the cost-savings experienced by Totara LMS users, the Moodle-based platform has been rated as a top LMS according to a 95% customer satisfaction score released by the eLearning Guild. For more information on Totara’s learning and talent management capabilities, and how it is proven to reduce the costs associated with talent and learning management visit

About Lambda Solutions:

Founded in 2002, Lambda Solutions provides learning and talent management solutions based on an open source technology platform. Lambda Solutions works corporate, healthcare, education and government clients to help them achieve better learning outcomes and increase the value of their human capital. More than half a million people learn every day on Lambda’s managed hosting platforms. Focused on healthcare, education and corporate training, Lambda Solutions provides system integration, customization, training and support to enterprise-class customers, including Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Rutgers University, and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Lambda Solutions is a Moodle certified services partner and a Totara Platinum partner. The company has offices in the United States, Canada and Europe. For more information, visit

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