Use eLearning to meet training and compliance needs

Public sector institutions at the federal, state and local levels hire staff with a wide range of professional and technical skills.

Lambda Solutions works with many government and arms length agencies, like the Canadian International Development Agency, to provide on the job training to maintain their ability to serve at high levels. With so many people to train in so many topics, e-learning offers a new way to deliver training in a cost-effective, timely manner that meets individual and institutional needs.

Government workers

Top 3 Benefits of Online Learning for Governments

Reduce risk

Reduce Risk

By standardizing training content, variation is reduced, ensuring people all learn the same thing. This reduces any risks that may be introduced by inconsistent training. Any changes necessary to reflect improved methods can be implemented quickly, as there is only one set of course material to alter.


Provide Citizens with Superior Services

The number one goal of government at any level is to provide the best service to citizens possible. Compliance requirements in numerous services coupled with proof of competency make training essential, and ongoing.

Employee progress

Keep Track of Employee Progress

Lambda Solutions can automate the process of keeping track of employee progress, including certifications, course completion, and personal training goals. Human resources can quickly identify people who may be ready for promotion or who might need to upgrade their skills in order to maintain status.

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Firms of all sizes can now create compliance training that aligns individual employee performance with corporate strategy.
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“We still do training here, but because we’re able to do some pre-training before staff come, the training program takes less time.”

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) eLearning Specialist

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