Corporate Training

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Companies today survive on their ability to innovate

Lambda Solutions has the answer – a hosted learning management implementation. Learning management systems like Moodle and Totara help students and teachers achieve success using a distant learning approach. By mixing classroom learning with online components such as multimedia, gamification, and online discussions, knowledge is covered from all angles.

Corporate Training

Top 3 Benefits of Online Learning for Corporate Industries.

Cut costs

Cuts costs

With open-source LMS’s, you DON’T pay for a software license. This frees up expenses to be allocated elsewhere, where it’s really needed.


Easily Accessible

Because it’s online, you can access your E-learning tools from anywhere you have internet access – laptops, tablets, and even smartphones.


Reach your goals

E-learning is efficient. Individuals are better trained, allowing them to fulfill individual performance objectives, and meet corporate strategy goals.

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“Since the back-end is now taken care of, we’ve got almost 14,000 students a year going through the course across Canada – and it runs on its own, without instructors leading it.”

MICHELLE RAE | OPCA Executive Director

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