Corporate Training

Lambda handles your corporate LMS, so you can focus on the people who make your organization great.

Investing in online employee training and development is vital for staying ahead in today’s highly competitive corporate environment. The organizations that win are those that embrace technology and challenge their teams through innovative eLearning solutions.

Learning Management System (LMS), like Moodle and Totara, help corporate learners and leaders achieve success using a distance learning approach. A hosted LMS implementation offers the best solution for corporations looking to align online training and development with maximizing efficiencies. Organizations can apply blended learning, by mixing classroom learning with online components, including gamification, multimedia, and online discussions so that employees can gain knowledge from a variety of learning methods.

Corporate Training

Top 3 Benefits of Online Learning for Corporate Training Using LMS

Cut costs

Cuts Costs

With open-source LMS, you DON’T pay for a software license. This frees up space in your budget for initiatives that will contribute to the bottom line.


Easily Accessible

Access your eLearning courses and administration reports online 24/7 from anywhere you have internet access – laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. Easy accessibility means better user adoption and learner engagement.


Reach your goals

E-learning is efficient. Individuals are better trained, allowing them to fulfill individual performance objectives, and meet corporate strategy goals.

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