December 8 2013

Totara 2.5 Webinar Poll - What is Your Learning Management System?

Written by Lambda Solutions

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Last week (Dec 4th), we ran a webinar introducing corporate human resources and training professionals to Totara 2.5: The open-source corporate LMS solutions, with the new performance management module.
You can watch the Webinar here >>. During the live session, we asked attendees two questions. The first asked "Which Learning Management System are You Using?" The majority – almost 70 % were working with either Moodle or Totara. 25% were not working with any LMS yet and 7% were working with a proprietary (or, "closed-source") system. Since many companies have not yet adopted an LMS and are shopping for solutions, these numbers made sense to us.

Integrating the Learning Management System with Another Corporate System

The second question asked participants to indicate if they intended to integrate their LMS with any other software systems. In corporate environments, no matter what the LMS, it is usually integrated with other corporate systems. Common integrations include feeding grading and completion information from Totara or Moodle to human resources applications such as Peoplesoft, OrangeHRM, Avanti and others. These integrations are often bi-directional, allowing information from the human resource management solutions to populate the LMS as well. For example, a company may have a pay scale tied to certification levels. A change in certification status in the LMS can then trigger an automatic pay scale change in the HRM. The statistics from the poll bore this out. Over 65% of people indicated their LMS was linked in with another corporate system.

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