June 8 2016

Top 5 Moodle Plugins for Engaged Learners

Written by Ben Young

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moodle.jpgThere are hundreds of custom third-party Moodle plugins available through Moodle, and Moodle plugin contributors. Similar to WordPress Plugins, Moodle Plugins can change the look, feel, and functionality of your LMS to fit your requirements. Moodle’s category of available plugins is extensive, and still growing. To make things easier we’ve decided to share with you some must-have Moodle Plugins to help foster engaged learners.

  1. Moodle Plugin #1 - Team Builder - This Moodle plugins allows you to create teams based on a criteria (predetermined by you) - these are a set of questions, which you will develop a predicate for based on the answers they provide that will sort them into the teams.
  1. Moodle Plugin #2 - Dialogue - Students or teachers can privately communicate amongst themselves, or as a group. With the Dialogue plugin users can include document attachments in their posts, and have a time stamped record of their posts.
  1. Moodle Plugin #3 - Moodle Welcome - Users who are new to Moodle automatically receive a welcome message with step by step instructions on how to get started in Moodle. The plugin is prompted by Moodle’s built in event system, so anytime a new user is created, they will receive the Moodle Welcome message.
  1. Moodle Plugin #4 - BigBlueButton - BigBlueButton’s platform is integrated into Moodle, allowing users to participate in web conferencing lessons that are led by instructors in real time. In these sessions, instructors can share slides, audio, video, chat, desktops, and a virtual whiteboard. BigBlueButton also archives all recorded sessions, so users can watch recordings again on their own time.
  1. Moodle Plugin #5 - Face-to-Face - This Moodle plugin allows you to manage in-class instructional sessions inside your learning technology suite. The features that the Face-to-Face plugin offers include creating different course dates at various locations as in the screen capture below. As well, Moodle admin can set details like the date, time, description of the lesson, and open seats available for each session.

For an extensive list of top moodle plugins, check out our guide!

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