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May 8, 2018

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Team Zoola Analytics continues to have many great discussions and demos at our stand #1027 with the Totara team at ATD International Conference & Exposition. Do stop by! This morning, Stewart Rogers, our VP of Product, recaps a worthy session from yesterday.

Education Session - Learning in the Age of Immediacy: How the Digital Transformation Transforms Training

Brandon Carson from Delta Airlines discusses how the rapid pace of digital transformation is altering the business landscape and highlights five technologies that are driving the digital transformation and bringing disruption to the business of learning. He shares practical strategies for understanding how these edge technologies can integrate into learning strategies. This session was intended to alert people to the change that is happening in the workforce. Here are some of the key takeaways:

Brandon discussed that there are three waves to the digital transformation:

  1. Rapid rise of the internet: 1989 to 2000
  2. The information revolution: 2000 to 2025 (information in real-time)
  3. The social revolution 2025 and beyond (everyone is connected to everyone)

Digital transformation is the proliferation of technology to reach more geographies and markets faster than ever before.

The five trends in digital transformation in Learning & Development are:

  1. Workforce automation
  2. The cloud
  3. Mobile
  4. Learning analytics
  5. Internet of everything

Historically data has been collected separately and then manually combined to derive actionable information. Now data can be gathered from the experience as it occurs (see xAPI). The content, learner and the data now provide information about the effectiveness of the experience in real-time. "Data democratizes decision."

The three competencies for digital learning leaders are:

  1. Persistence with a growth mindset
  2. Ability to identify and define a learning strategy through multiple lenses and execute
  3. Business and digital expertise

Brandon left us with this profound quote:

"You are no longer a support organization. It is time to run learning as a business."

Stewart’s take on this session: Beyond the technology changes is the way L&D professionals deliver and manage training. Technology is changing the entire organization, how people work, the policies and processes they must comply with. At his keynote, President Obama said "Technology is driving disruptive change at a pace we’ve never seen before. It is going to be changing quick.” Are L&D professionals ready? The scale of this is beyond just updating your LMS. It’s about getting a workforce ready (and in some cases caught up) for a digital transformation that changes the leadership and innovation skills that are required, and the changed customer and employer expectations, preferences and behaviours.

Have any burning questions about how the new digital landscape makes it even more crucial to get real-time analytics from your LMS system? See Zoola Analytics in action at the Totara exhibition space, stand #1027. Our team would love to give you a demo. Stay tuned as we continue to report our key learnings from ATD2018!


Sell, market, manage, and scale your eLearning all in one place with the brand new Lambda Suite!!

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