February 22 2013

Moodlemoot Canada 2013 Part 1. Martin Dougiamas Recaps the Moot

Written by Shevy Levy

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Martin Dougiamas in Vancouver for CanadaMootWe were proud to take part in the Canada Moodlemoot 2013 that just took place in Vancouver. Along side the 60 sessions, we gave several presentations showcasing the latest features of Moodle, how the Moodle LMS has been implemented successfully by some of our clients, how to make your Moodle mobile. Feel free to click on the slideshares that are already up:

· Totara - Moodle for Corporate Training

· What Moodle 2 Can Do For You

· Making Your Moodle Mobile

· Moodle Show & Tell: Show Your Moodle!

While sharing our knowledge, we were grateful for the chance to spend time with friends, colleagues, partners and other Moodle experts and learn from their experiences. There’s a big Moodle community out there and these Moots are great for putting us all in one place to compare notes in person, not just through emails and conference calls. If you haven’t already, do check out this Storify of the Canada Moodlemoot conference created by our Moodle Evangelist Chad Leaman.

One particular highlight was spending quality time with Moodle Founder and Director Martin Dougiamas. Martin is an incredible guy – smart, funny and as engaging when he’s in front of an audience of 300 people as he is up close and personal. Before the conference we invited Martin on a trip around town and for some snow shoeing on Cypress Mountain, one of Vancouver’s 3 ski hills with tons of snow. Walking around between snow covered trees and fresh snow from the night before was a refreshing break for this Australian who just came from the heat of the desert!

Here’s the first part of our interview with Martin, recapping his thoughts overall on the conference and how Canadians in particular are using Moodle (apparently, quite well!).

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