August 15 2011

Moodle Roundup. Making Money, Migration and Music

Written by Jim Yupangco

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Lambda Solutions Moodle 2.0 theme customization migration update installation online learning servicesIt’s been a busy summer at Lambda Solutions. Our clients are keeping us busy with all kinds of Moodle projects, from updates to Moodle 2.0, custom theme development, and online learning course migration and integration to various Moodle LMS support consultations. Phew!

But amid this flurry of activity, we’re still keeping up with the latest news, updates and opinions about Moodle from our education technology bloggers and pundits. Here’s a roundup what we’ve been blogging and reading about Moodle and online learning initiatives:

Lambda Solutions Blog

Around the Interwebs:

  • Moodle Monday: Progress Bar. Tim comments on Moodle 2’s improved combination of activity completion tracking and conditional activities.

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