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Just getting started with eLearning Programs through an LMS?

Even those who already have a Learning Management System in place often need help understanding all of the options they have when it comes to planning for managed hosting, LMS migration, integration or development of custom functionality and design.

Totara & Moodle Consulting for your Unique Needs
We help you understand and explore the options available to you.
Learn what’s possible and what’s not to make your eLearning programs that much better for your organization, employees and customers.

Totara & Moodle Upgrades

Moodle releases a new version every six months and Totara LMS every year. With nearly fifteen years of experience upgrading Moodle sites for your organizations just like yours, we ensure it happens seamlessly. Our wealth of experience also allows us to know which upgrades are worthwhile and which are not. Clients never leave because they know that we will always act in their best  interest.

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Course Migration

Totara & Moodle Course Migration

We help you migrate courses from your pre-existing learning management system. If you want to do it yourself, we’ll consult with you on the most cost and time efficient ways to do so. If your courses are SCORM-compliant the process will be virtually seamless. If they aren’t, we will work with you to create a solution this is.

Totara & Moodle Systems Integration

We integrate Moodle or Totara LMS with business systems to keep personnel and learner information up to date. We provide user, course, enrollment, grade and progress integration, and have experience integrating Moodle with a variety of registry, student information systems, CRM, HR and ERP systems — including Microsoft CRM, PeopleSoft, Banner, Datatel Colleague, iMIS, Workday, SharePoint CAMS, and many others. Wondering if your current solutions can integrate with Moodle or Totara?


“Lambda’s expert support team knows the tweaks and functionalities we like and are able to do it without us asking. I have been amazed with Lambda’s honesty and ethics—they have gone as far as talking me out of upgrades to wait for a later release which put money back in my pocket.”

Pam Williams | Ecole Chocolat CEO and Founder

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