[UPDATED] Five Star Moodle™  Plugin: Real-Time Quiz

April 3, 2023

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Gauge Understanding with the Moodle Plugin, Real-Time Quiz

Moodle community developers have created hundreds of free plugins to configure the functionality of your LMS and make it more adaptable to your needs. Moodle’s list of available plugins is long and grows daily thanks to the 100s of developers that contribute to the code. To make it easier for you to choose the right plugins, we’re sharing what we think are some of the best plugins to help you present, manage and administer your LMS. Our Plugins webinar on January 23, will demonstrate how some of them work, including Face-to-Face, Real-Time Quizzes, Drag and Drop Marking, and Attendance.

Would you like to engage learners in the material you are presenting during a real-time online session? The Real-Time Quiz plugin for Moodle allows you to send out multiple-choice questions to participants. Designed as a formative assessment tool during a class, you set it up under ‘activities’ in Moodle. Note that the data the Real-Time quiz generates is not collected by the Moodle Gradebook. Before the class, if you are the teacher or administrator, you can load questions, correct answers and distractors into the plugin prior to the class. The application is web-based, which means you can build quizzes using just a web browser.

You can even include an illustration or photo either to make the question more interesting or to ask learners to identify what the graphic represents. Create multiple questions sets that you choose from depending on the topic you are discussing.

During your online session, each student receives a question at the same time -- with a time limit to answer. You can set the time limit depending on the complexity of the question. If students are not able to answer in a given period, that may be an indicator that they do not understand the topic well enough to respond. If you want students to be able to work out a math problem during the quiz, you can set a longer time limit. Between questions, the plugin displays the correct answer, along with the number of students who have responded and which answers they selected. The statistics include the aggregated percentage of people who answered correctly. These results can stimulate discussion – especially when everyone gets a question wrong!

At the end of the quiz, you can review statistics for each question – including showing which people answered correctly. Real-Time Quiz is an easy and fun way to get people involved in the topic. From the results, you can easily identify where you may need to augment information or alter your approach. Watch the Real-Time Quiz overview video from developer Davo Smith, based in the United Kingdom.


Sell, market, manage, and scale your eLearning all in one place with the brand new Lambda Suite!!

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