Moodle™ 2.9 Pre-Release Announcement

April 24, 2023

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moodle-corporate-elearningMoodle 2.9 is officially on its way. Moodle is the world’s leading Learning Management System. With more than 70 million users, Moodle is the clear market leader, with almost double the adoption of the two subsequent vendors, SumTotal and Blackboard, combined. Moodle is already far ahead of its competition, and 2.9 gives it even more edge. The update was heavily influenced by Moodle community feedback, so improvements will be found in major areas of concern. Moodle 2.9 boasts enhanced development in the areas of lessons, quizzes, and course management. There are 4 main areas of Moodle that will be enhanced in the new version:

  1. Moodle 2.9 will make the jobs of course creators and learning administrators a lot easier. It allows more control in examination management, by offering improved quiz activity that allows learning administrators to regulate the order in which questions are answered.

  1. It offers improved lesson activity that includes a proper HTML editor for grading essays.

  1. It also has improved capabilities for creating courses, including the ability to edit the “grade to pass” within each activity.

  1. Don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten about the learners! Moodle 2.9 will be more user friendly, by offering a simplified user interface that is more accessible and easier to navigate.

In addition to these 4 upgrades, Moodle 2.9 is equipped with over 300 improvements and repairs since the last version, ensuring that any defects or usability concerns that existed in 2.8 will no longer be present. This allows the learning platform to continue to exceed users quality, and overall expectations of experience. Moodle 2.9. is being released on May 18th.

For more information on how you can benefit from all the helpful plugins that Moodle has to offer, download the Moodle Plugins Guide below.
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Sell, market, manage, and scale your eLearning all in one place with the brand new Lambda Suite!!

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