The Cost-saving Moodle Quiz Plugin For Overcoming Common Grading Problems


[UPDATED] The Cost-saving Moodle™ Quiz Plugin For Grading Problems

March 30, 2023 | 4 Min Read

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Grading is an important aspect when it comes to eLearning on Moodle. 

Assessing your students helps them understand how well they have understood the concepts taught to them. Not only does it help them, but it also acts as a reflection for the teacher on how well he/she has been able to deliver knowledge to students.

Goes without saying, then, that teachers often evaluate the knowledge of a student by grading quizzes attempted by them. 


But Is Moodle Grading How it should be?

If your answer is Yes, you’re right. If No, you’re right too. 

After all, how grading in Moodle should be, is a highly subjective topic. You might be comfortable with everything that the default ways of grading that Moodle offers. Or you might be someone like me, who finds grading in Moodle to be a huge task!

Irrespective of which category you fall in, I’d like to talk about a few things, summed up as… 


What’s Really Wrong with Grading in Moodle? 

Grading in Moodle is Time Consuming

A not-so-user-friendly interface only means you end up putting in more time than required into grading in Moodle. ‘Why?’ you might wonder.

Teachers are burdened with the initial task of understanding how grading in Moodle works. Only when they get the knack of it can they then proceed to grade the quiz submissions? 

Because of the extra time that goes in, teachers often end up missing out on other important course-related activities like reviewing the course content. What’s even worse is that working overtime has, more often than not, led to teachers missing out on personal activities too. 


Grading in Moodle Is Costly

You might say, “Okay, I’ll hire teachers to grade the quizzes.”

Now I’m not saying you can’t. You obviously can. And in fact, that’s what most schools and universities do if they feel burdened with the task of grading Moodle quizzes.

But before you follow suit, I would like to put forth how costly it could get, to a level where you might end up spending as much as $1,800 in a month just grading quizzes. 

“Impossible! Grading e can’t be this costly!”

Well, here’s how it is:

  • Let’s consider this teacher has a batch of 50 students. In addition to this batch, she also has the responsibility of grading 3 more batches. 

  • Ideally, a teacher conducts and grades quizzes thrice a month. And in grading a single quiz, a teacher ideally takes 3 hours.

  • Now for 4 batches, a teacher would need 3x3x4 = 36 hours.

  • Assuming the hourly rate of a teacher to be $50, you might just end up spending as much as $1,800 dollars, just over grading quizzes in Moodle!!

What we just discussed, was time & money. But did you know that you could also be losing out on a lot of students? And your relationships with your students taking a hit? 


How Grading in Moodle Affects Your Learners

Considering how much time goes into grading quizzes on Moodle, it doesn’t really leave the teacher with much scope. As a result, teachers don’t feel motivated enough to provide constructive feedback to their students. 

This only leads to the students feeling more and more disconnected from teachers, due to the absence of a comprehensive feedback system in place. More often than not, underperforming students simply give up. Lack of feedback means they are unable to identify the areas they need to work on.


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Grading in Moodle Lacks Convenience

Even if we choose to ignore the above 3 factors, there’s one aspect of major concern that plagues Moodle. 

The usual method of grading involves grading all answers of one student, and then moving to the next student, and so on. 

Let's say:

  • In a test having 50 questions, 48 of them are Multiple Choice questions, whereas 2 are Essay type questions. Now the Multiple Choice Questions don’t need the intervention of a teacher for manual grading. 
  • However, grading the 2 Essay type questions often proves to be a tedious task. 
  • Ideally, a teacher would want to view only these 2 questions, for all students and grade them. 

However, grading in such a manner isn’t an easy task on Moodle. 


So Is There a Solution?

Considering the seriousness of these problems, we thought wouldn’t it be amazing if you could save time & money grading quizzes on Moodle?

Or a way that would also help reduce the gap between you and your students? 

A solution that would feature everything in a single interface, letting you grade & provide comprehensive feedback to your students. 

Guess what? Now you can achieve all of this, all at the same time, thanks to Edwiser RapidGrader - a revolutionary offering that redefines the way you grade in Moodle. 

So why wait! Go on, experience this revolution in Moodle grading today


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