Totara is a Commercial Open Source distribution of Moodle LMS — developed for corporate training and workplace learning

Totara offers more options for customized workplace online learning

Lambda Solutions would like to introduce Totara, an open source, enterprise level Learning Management Systems (LMS) tailored for corporate environments right out of the box. Totara is designed specifically for the needs of workplace training as opposed to Moodle’s primary focus on the educational environment. Totara LMS is built on top of the Moodle core, meaning you really get the best of both worlds: the top open-source learning platform and a scalable, enterprise-level corporate learning tool. Boasting over 2 million users, Totara can be implemented faster and cheaper than through proprietary solutions. While the Moodle LMS gives you powerful capabilities, Totara adds on:

    • Individual development plans
    • Classroom management
    • Team management
    • Competency management
    • Learning paths
    • Performance Management
    • Reporting and dashboards

Totara 2.7 adds Performance Management and much more ..

Totara 2.7 new responsive the design lets you optimize the learning experience for any device; desktop, mobile and tablet. Certifications can be set to expire and trigger re-certification, and a new course completion import too lets you easily import legacy data from other systems into Totara. Read more

Totara helps your business succeed through competency-based training

Align individual development to organizational strategies with Totara’s Learning Plan functionality. Managers can monitor the ongoing progress of their team’s development by building records of learning for each employee and identifying gaps in knowledge. Create multiple learning plan templates depending on the group, and pull any competency or course into learning plans.

Totara Markets

Totara for Program Management. Hierarchies and frameworks

Use Totara to map learning onto job positions and organizational levels Build sophisticated learning paths by defining rules and assigning these paths to individuals, job roles or part of the organization. Use hierarchies to set up various frameworks that best represent the structure of your organization according to individual job roles, management levels, departments, teams and groups. Use them to facilitate specific learning plans, competency evaluation and management.

Totara Markets

Individual Learning Plans

Build transparent competencies for each role in your organization and let your employees take charge of their own learning. Learners can see what skills they need to be successful in their own jobs while building skills for personal development and career progression.  Manage learning paths by setting due dates, priorities and objectives for each learner.

Individual Learning Plans

Performance Management

Performance Management integration in Totara LMS assists Trainers and Managers in delivering the most appropriate learning content for the learner to excel. Improving employee performance requires more than just an annual review; it requires ongoing discussion, feedback and analysis to help learners meet company and personal goals. Read more about Totara Performance Management

Team Management

Team management

With Totara’s team management functionality you can map development for your entire team by structuring individual development plans to fit with competencies and objectives. Stay on top of compliance training requirements with up-to-date reporting, and support individual development across all members of a team. Ensure individual development plans align with team objectives and organizational strategies.

Team Management

Assessment and Compliance

Compliance training is critical for your company to meet legal and regulatory requirements and ensure safety. Assess compliance from banks of questions and track scores and completion rates.

Assessment and Compliance

Reporting and dashboards

With Totatra you can build data-driven reports to get a complete picture of usage, achievement, and progress. Schedule your reports, share them with others or export them in a variety of formats. Personalize one of Totara’s pre-built dashboards for each system role for great overviews of key information. Managers can also implement a mixture of online and offline instruction by building events with multiple sessions and monitoring them with Totara’s intuitive dashboards.

Reporting and Dashboards

Blended Learning

Totara allows you to manage a full range of face to face learning events from internal classroom sessions to external workshops. Quickly and efficiently schedule face-to-face training sessions and provide full employee self-service to browse events and book online directly. Totara also has an optional built-in workflow so that a manager can review and approve bookings.

Blended Learning

Social learning

With Totara, employees can network, share ideas and tap into expert networks. Trainees can access specific learning objects just-in-time to support their performance in specific tasks. Totara supports social learning through a range of interactive activities including wikis, blogs, discussion forums, chats and other social networking and support tools.

Social Learning

Content creation and management

Course creation is one of the key functionalities of Totara. With a wide range of authoring, testing, and management tools, you can create your own content or import courseware from external sources. Totara allows you to insert almost any kind of content into your courses, and unlike many other vendors, you can manage all of your coursework easily yourself.

Content Creation and Management

Language Support

Totara LMS is available in English (UK), French, Spanish (International), German, Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese (Mandarin), and Italian. Hebrew, Spanish (European), Arabic, Swedish, Finnish language versions are also available, but are not officially supported.

Language Support

Human Resources, Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management Integration

Totara integrates with other business systems, allowing you to transferring data from your company ERP, and transfer data from the LMS to an HR system.

Human Resources

LMS Webinars

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