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With Totara and Moodle plugins it’s easy to configure your LMS to meet your unique needs

Extreme Flexibility with over 400 Totara and Moodle Plugins to Extend Functionality

There is an extensive library of Totara and Moodle Plugins that will allow your LMS to do everything you want and need, but with hundreds to choose from, how do you know which combination of plugins will meet your learning and talent development strategies? The team at Lambda Solutions have years of experience and expertise in working with Moodle and Totara Plugins, so we have put together a curated list of the best Moodle and Totara plugins for your organization.

We love these plugins so much that we have pre-installed 10 of our recommended plugins in our Basic Hosting Package. In our Professional and Enterprise Hosting Packages, we’ve pre-installed over 70 plugins, with Enterprise having the option to install more!

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The Planning Process: Recommended Plugins for Moodle LMS

Team Builder

Lets you build teams based off a set of criteria. “You ask your students some questions, and then develop a predicate based off their answers for your teams.” It’s also an effective drag-and-drop interface for building Groups, helping you save a little time on the administration side.


Lets students or teachers communicate in a two-way private conversation or with all members of a group. These can either be individual, or group communications. This plugin allows users to attach documents to their dialogue posts, and view a time stamped history of their interactions.

Moodle Welcome

New users receive a configurable Moodle welcome message with instructions on what steps they should take next in Moodle. Using Moodle’s event system, this plugin is prompted/stimulated/ whenever new users are created, whether they have been manually created or self-registered. Moderators of the new user creation will also receive a notification.


With this standalone plugin, Moodle can integrate with BigBlueButton’s platform, allowing you to deliver instructor led, real time web conferencing sessions. This allows you to share slides, audio, video, chat, desktops, and a virtual whiteboard. It also provides recordings of all sessions, so they can be watched again at a later date.

Lesson Objectives

Shows current lesson milestones in the side bar (to both teacher and students). The teacher can check off milestones as they are completed. One important feature of this plugin is that students can view all lesson objectives a week at a time to track progress.


Activities are used to manage in-person (e.g. classroom) trainings which require advance booking. The Face-to-Face plugin allows you to create different course dates at various locations. Administrators can set the date, time, session description and number of seats available for each event.

Adobe Connect

This is the officially sponsored integration plugin for Adobe Connect Pro, and Moodle. It provides single-sign-on access to both platforms, and allows users to set up Adobe Connect Pro meetings by adding an activity instance, and including the meeting name and template, start and end time, a setting of either private or public, and a url (if desired).


The Attendance plugin allows course instructors to keep track of a learners participation in a course, by keeping an attendance log of the students. Instructors can also download these logs in an Excel format, or a text format, for a tangible record.


This plugin makes it easy to create multi-page resources with a book-like format. Basically, you can build complete book-like websites inside of your Moodle course, including chapters and sub-chapters. Books can then be printed entirely, or by chapter.

Collapsed Topics

This plugin provides an interchangeable topic or week based format that relieves users from the “Scroll of Death” when a course has an abundance of topics. This makes it easier to rifle through course topics without getting lost, and is nifty for teachers and students who need a better user experience.


This  plugin makes it simple to create podcasts in Moodle. Podcast episodes can be instructor created or added by course participants. Podcasts are great multimedia features for any Moodle course.


Teachers and students can create checklists for individual assignments or for a series of activities. Teachers who prefer total control over students progress can check off items themselves, but some users have found greater student “buy-in” when they’re authorized to check off their own progress.

Certificate/Simple Certificate

The Certificate plugin creates PDF certificates/diplomas for students of the course and is completely customizable. You have several customization options for your certificates – you can add borders, watermarks, seals, grade information, and you can even add custom text.

Lightbox Gallery Resource

This resource allows you to create image galleries within your Moodle course. It allows teachers to create, edit, and delete galleries as they need. Small thumbnails are then generated, which are used for the thumbnail view of the gallery.


The plugin allows users to customise Moodle to their visual needs. It supports changing of text sizes and colour schemes. Customizations save to the user’s session allowing them to persist between pages, but it can also save permanently to the database.

Progress Bar

The Progress Bar is a time-management tool for students. It visually shows students progress in any course activities and resources. Teachers have access to an overview page where they can see the progress of all students.


This Totara & Moodle plugin is the leading module to quickly and easily extract LMS data into reports, dashboards and ad hoc queries for the learner, managers and the administrators.  Zoola is a robust, scalable reporting tool with full scheduling and delivery capabilities managed from the cloud.

Course Size Plugin

The Course Size plugin will run a report that provides you with a rough estimate of a courses total storage disk usage. The report includes the course name, the disk usage, and the backup size. It also includes a report on how much storage is being allotted to outside users and courses, as well as backup use.

Configurable Reports

This plugin is a Moodle custom reports builder and is very useful to extract additional information about courses, users, etc. Configurable Reports can be created without SQL knowledge, making it a useful tool for Moodle admin and teachers.

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