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Do you have a Moodle Implementation in mind?

Our Moodle implementation process is simple. We have starter, professional and enterprise implementation packages — whichever one works for you. Get the support you need to install, support, host, and customize Moodle – from an authorized Moodle Partner

Moodle Implementation: Welcome to Your New LMS

Let’s Get You Up and Running Quickly
When you become a Lambda Solutions managed hosting client, you can expect an efficient and structured process as we get your LMS site up and running and your learners and courses migrated to the new site. Whether you are migrating your content from an existing LMS or building a new site, here is our process for migrating clients to Moodle LMS:

  1. Training
  2. Custom Development
  3. Site provisioning
  4. Security
  5. Theme Development
  6. Plug-ins
  1. Site provisioning
  2. Security
  3. Theme Development
  4. Plug-ins
  5. Server Migration
  6. Training
  7. Custom Development


Begining the Implementation Process

As soon as your order is processed, we enter your contact information into our Lambda Solutions Service Portal. Your team will remain informed on next steps with a series of communications to help ensure a smooth implementation process. The most efficient way for you to connect with us after your initial sign up, is through the Lambda Solutions Service Portal. It ensures that no matter what, your query or next step will be followed through to completion.

Moving from Saba, Blackboard, or another Moodle or Totara LMS provider?

Excellent. We can help you with the export, transfer and load process to move your course information, content and learner information over to Moodle or Totara. Let us know how we can help.

First Things First: Creating Your site

The first step is for us to ensure that Moodle or Totara is accessible on your LMS site URL. You can give us your existing domain or, we can host one for you. Your basic setup will include a database back-end, the Moodle application and logins for you and your staff. We will send you log-in information within a couple of days of receiving your order so that you can access your site and get started loading courses and students. Once your basic site has been provisioned, the other applicable onboarding steps, including security, theme implementation, course migration, plug-ins and any customizations take place.

Maintaining Privacy: Security

We will contact you to discuss your security needs after the initial setup of your site. As best practice, LMS managers will want to protect the privacy of their learner and course management information. To do this, your site requires SSL Certification, which provides an encrypted link for data transfer between your site and its users with a guarantee that your site is Authenticated through third-party verification. You may already have an SSL site Certificate. In this case we can transfer your certificate to the new site. We can also purchase certificates on your behalf, however our experience reveals that it’s better for you to own and manage your domain and associated certificates.

You may also want your learners to be able to log-in to your new LMS with their existing employee or student log-on. We can provide single-sign on access to your LMS. Depending on the scope of work, this service can often be included at no extra cost to your organization with a Professional or Enterprise level managed hosting package.

Make it Look Great: Theme Development

Our theme development experts will help ensure your Moodle or Totara implementation represents your unique brand. During the onboarding process, we’ll ask you to send us your logo and any branding documentation your organization requires. Depending on the level of sophistication your LMS site requires, we can have it up and running in four days at the basic level and ten days for a complete site theme. We can produce a responsive bootstrap theme allowing your learners to access the LMS via any mobile device.

Extending Moodle’s Functionality: Plug-ins

Which plug-ins will help achieve learning and talent management objectives? When you implement Moodle or Totara with us, we install and configure standard plug-ins based on your needs. If you are new to Moodle’s plugins, feel free to review our “Best of Moodle Plug-Ins” article. If there are additional product features you require, please give us a call and our experts will help you select plugins that are right for your organization.

Coordinating a Server Migration

Cutover refers to moving your information from a legacy hosting service to a new system. We’ll need to access your existing hosting server using your login information to copy and move your database, content and any application files over to our servers. We use a pre-load method that allows us to copy your content over from your existing site without having to take down your LMS. Once we have what we need on our servers, we’ll schedule a cutover date – the date when your old server will no longer work and your LMS will be running on our server. You can expect a short downtime of between four and eight hours during the cutover as we copy your database and perform a final content synch from your old system to ours.

Looking to integrate with other systems (SIS, CRM, HR software)? We can administer that too.

Learning to make it Work: Training

Congratulations! Now you have a new Moodle or Totara LMS. Need help figuring out how it works? We offer two training streams: one for HR managers and learning system managers and another for teachers and course designers.

Tailoring Your LMS: Custom Development

Need to do something with your existing LMS that you just can’t do right now? We offer custom development services.


We’re an official Moodle Partner.

That means when we give you the support you need to install, support, host, and customize Moodle – you know you’re in good hands. Partners contribute 10% of their earnings to support the development and maintenance of the Moodle project. We’re passionate about Moodle. But don’t take our word for it: Watch what our clients have to say below.


It’s easy to see why organizations like Moodle

With nearly 70 million registered users worldwide, Moodle has become the go-to LMS for K-12 schools, post-secondary institutions and companies.Moodle helps teachers and trainers access a fully-customizable feature set for effective online learning. Hundreds of Moodle LMS plugins created by open-source developers let you add activities, build reports, do messaging, grading and more. Meanwhile, Moodle theme designs promote your brand; we can customize themes to seamlessly blend in with your website’s current branding, or develop a design from scratch.

Moodle is open source. After all, why lock yourself in?

That means no licensing fees. That helps make it a very cost-effective option — just one more reason why Moodlers are taking over the world.

Moodle Open Source

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