Moodle LMS

With over 73 million users, Moodle is the world’s leading open source learning management system.

Why Moodle with Lambda?


Open Source Flexibility
& Feature-Rich

Moodle’s extensive plugin library allows you to match leading systems at a fraction of the cost so you benefit from the best value for your budget.


Powerful, Secure and
Subscription Free

With one of the largest open-source teams worldwide, you benefit from a global Community of developers who consistently update Moodle. Experience an LMS that is updated fast.


Quick & Easy Deployment
without IT

With a fast, simple and scalable Moodle deployment, we reduce your IT operating costs and worries so you can focus on what matters most.

“Ultimately, the team chose Moodle over alternative solutions because the open-source LMS offered the ultimate flexibility and customization.”

JOSH ALLEN, RN.| CEO, Care and Compliance

Discover Moodle’s Features & Functionality


Direct Learning Paths

  • Moodle provides you with the capability to design and manage courses using varying learning strategies. These strategies include instructor-led learning, self-paced learning, blended learning and fully online courses.

Collaborative Learning Tools

  • Moodle enables you to encourage collaborative content-driven learning practices via the following collaboration tools: wikis, workshops, forums, surveys, chats and feedback functions.

Embed External Resources

  • The External Tool in Moodle enables users to interact with LTI compliant learning resources and activities from external publishers. Its also super simple to connect these external resources with your gradebook in Moodle!

Multimedia Integration

  • With Moodle’s built in media support tool, its super simple to search for and embed video and audio files into your courses.

Marking Workflow

  • Managing multiple markers? Easily assign different markers to assignments and set limits for grade moderation and grade release to learners.

In-line Marking

  • No need to deal with the hassle of downloading and uploading graded papers. In-line marking in Moodle allows you to directly attach annotated feedback on PDF files directly within your browser.

Peer and Self Assessment

  • Built-in collaboration tools such as workshops and surveys prompt learners to view, grade and assess their own and peer work.

Integrated Badges

  • Motivate your learners and reward participation by rewarding achievement with customized badges. Moodle’s badges are fully compatible with Mozilla Open Badges.

Outcomes and Rubrics

  • Communicate learning expectations with learners via electronic outcomes and rubrics. These rubrics also make it easy to select from advanced grading methods that connect directly to courses and examination.

Customizable Site Design and Layout

  • Your Moodle site can be made to look like your organization with a branded unified theme. For more information on the various theme packages see our Moodle Themes page.

Secure Authentication and Mass Enrollment

  • With over 50 different authentication and enrollment options for students and administrators, you can ensure that users gain access to your Moodle site and courses in a way that fits your business processes.

Manage User Roles and Permissions

  • Roles and permissions in Moodle allow you to define who can access what on your Moodle site. By isolating users into groups, or by identifying specific users, you can define user access on any page.

Group Management

  • Group users at the course level or activity level so that teachers and administrators can easily filter settings to gain views of courses and activities they want to see.

All-in-one Calendar

  • Keep track of your academic or company calendar for course deadlines, group meetings and other personal events in Moodle’s user-friendly calendar.

Convenient File Manager

  • Connect to your cloud file manager in Moodle and directly drop files from cloud storage services such as MS Skydrive, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Track Progress with Detailed Reporting Logs

  • Keep up to speed with your learners by generating reports and activity and participation at course and site level. See the Lambda Analytika page for more information on our LMS reporting solution.


  • Enable notification settings so users can receive automatic alerts on new assignments, deadlines, forum posts and even send private messages to one another!

Modern, Easy to Use Interface

  • With Moodle’s intuitive interface, users benefit from a learning platform thats easy to navigate on all devices—desktop, tablet and mobile.

Personalized Dashboards

  • With Moodle’s personalized dashboards users can organize and display their homepage so its equipped with everything they want to see.

Regular Security Updates

  • With major updates that occur every six months, and minor security updates every few weeks, the latest security patches ensure your Moodle site is always secure.

Multilingual Capability

  • Do you need Moodle for organizations in different parts of the world? Or, have users that need to view the interface and content in their own language? No problem! Moodle has been translated in over 100 different languages.

High Interoperability

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