What Are Moodle Services?

What is a Moodle Partner?

Moodle Partners are certified by Moodle HQ to provide Moodle services such as installation & support, hosting, training, customization and consulting.

All Moodle Partners contribute a percentage (10%) of their revenue to the Moodle Trust core developer fund in order to support their work. Vendors who advertise Moodle services without being Moodle Partners are not certified and do not contribute to the Moodle Trust for software maintenance and development.

Moodle Products

How do I choose a Moodle hosting option?

Based on the number and types of courses and number of students you plan to serve we can help you choose the most cost effective solution.

  • On-premise hosting – If you have your own IT staff and you plan to appoint or hire a dedicated Moodle expert you can host and maintain Moodle on your own premises.
  • Managed Hosting – Many organizations prefer to outsource hosting to avoid investment in new hardware and in hiring and training extra IT staff.  A Moodle Partner can provide hosting, maintenance and support services, and ensure up-time, speed, security, and backup procedures.

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