Take talent development beyond the confines of the physical classroom

Moodle or Totara LMS provide the speed and flexibility that technology providers need.

The tech industry is always changing. Technologies evolve, people come and go, and with such big teams and departments co-existing and overlapping with one another, employees need to be trained and up to speed on how best to operate. Lambda Solutions has worked with leading technology providers across North America to overcome their training challenges, and improve overall practices. 

Moodle LMS Hosting

Top 3 Benefits of Online Learning for Technology Industries.


Cuts costs

With open-source LMS’s, you DON’T pay for a software license. This frees up expenses to be allocated elsewhere, where it’s really needed.


Easily Accessible

Because it’s online, you can access your E-learning tools from anywhere you have internet access – laptops, tablets, and even smartphones.


Reach your goals

E-learning is efficient. Individuals are better trained, allowing them to fulfill individual performance objectives, and meet corporate strategy goals.

See how Kodak Alaris proved effectiveness of their training programs with their LMS
Totara LMS allowed Kodak Alaris to provide efficient training, and set-up a reporting system that tracks learner progress.
5 Steps for Data-driven Training
Learn the 5 strategies for using your LMS and learning data to fully understand how your programs are currently preforming, in order to understand where you need to be going.
Continuum CO

“Lambda put together the right team to do the work, and kept us informed every step of the way.”

JENNIFER ROADMAN | Continuum Partner Education Manager

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