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Moodle Learning Management System is the Leading LMS for Education

Since 2002, Lambda’s roots have been in education, so we know your world. Our story mirrors Moodle, which was originally designed to be an LMS for education. We have made continuous developments to support online learning in education, including our newest development, Zoola Analytics, a reporting and analytics tool to help you generate reports efficiently, improve course engagement and learning effectiveness using a data-driven approach.

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What is Moodle Used for in Education?

Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning

Online learning allows students to better balance work with school, as students are able to learn when they can, not when they must.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Mixing in-class sessions with online learning for an engaging learning experience that keeps learners stimulated through various avenues of learning.


Engaging Learners

Keeping learners interested and excited with mixed learning methods, as well as a customized learning experience thanks to the 250 + Moodle plugins available.

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Why choose Lambda Solutions to Run your Moodle?

Employee progress

Moodle Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics are essential to eLearning success, something that Adler learned firsthand. Luckily, with Lambda’s Reporting and Analytics Solution for Moodle LMS, they were able to relieve their pains.

“Lambda has solved many of our reporting issues. Reports that previously took days of manual work and spreadsheets, Lambda’s Reporting Solution can serve in seconds.”

Chantal Hollander, Adler

Cloud Hosting Totara Moodle

Robust Hosting & Performance

The improvement in performance, uptime, and reliability of Moodle hosted with Lambda is something that Rochester College’s Moodle users noticed right away.

“Moving over to Lambda was just wonderful— students and faculty were saying ‘Oh, Moodle is fixed! Thanks for whatever you did!’”  

Donna Mosley, Rochester College

LMS Experts

Moodle Training

Lambda’s Moodle training was such an essential part of Langley School District 35’s LMS success, that the one piece of advice they would give to new Moodle administrators, is to take the administration training.

“I would definitely advise new administrators to get some training – or call Lambda if you have any issues!”

 Shah Murad, Langley School District 35

Moodle Hosting

Expert Management

As an organization with roots in education, Lambda’s expertise in management appeals to education institutes. Rochester College appreciated not just Lambda’s skills, but their management style as well. 

“We were impressed with how open and friendly Lambda was.”

Donna Mosley, Rochester College

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“The initial launch was seamless, and we did see an increase in performance which was nice.”

MORGAN WALKER | Teachstone Dev Ops Engineer/Tech Support Manager

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