4 Ways Your LMS Can Help Improve Employee Engagement


4 Ways Your LMS Can Help Improve Employee Engagement

October 2, 2018

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4 Ways Your LMS Can Help Improve Employee Engagement

Organizations are often facing low employee engagement in their workplace, with common issues such as high turnovers, employees who are lack of motivation in their job, staff who failed to contribute to the company, and many others. Their businesses, therefore, struggle with reduced competitiveness and decreased profitability. This blog will discuss why engagement matters and highlight ideas that organizations are using to increase productivity, retention and profitability.

Why Employee Engagement Matters

A recent Gallup poll found that only 15 percent of employees report a high degree of engagement. With the majority of employees not feeling highly engaged, employers see the impacts in the form of increased turnover.

Highly talented employees who are not engaged in their current positions are more likely to leave than their engaged counterparts. With turnover costing approximately 33 percent of an employee's salary, promoting employee retention has become a key objective for more than 87 percent of HR departments.

Fortunately, recent research found that employers can prevent turnover in 75 percent of cases. By focusing on improving employee engagement, top organizations have created workplaces where approximately 70 percent of their workers are motivated.

Increasing employee engagement benefits both a business's culture and bottom line. Highly engaged teams report a 41 percent decrease in absenteeism and a 17 percent increase in productivity.

How to Use Your Learning Management System to Increase Employee Engagement

With objectives to increase skills, deliver training and facilitate career development, the right learning management system (LMS) solution helps your organization connect with employees and provides the tools they need to be successful. A flexible LMS like Moodle or Totara Learn can be customized with features that help promote employee engagement.

Here are some ways your organization can leverage your LMS platform to better understand and motivate your workforce:

1. Use Gamification to Motivate Employees

Incorporating game-playing elements and rewards in your LMS has been proven to increase participation and completion rates. By creating programming that rewards learners with digital badges, certificates or points for completing tasks, organizations can encourage them to keep making progress.

2. Encourage Employee Collaboration

Flexible LMS platforms such as Totara Learn offer features that enable organizations to integrate crowdsourcing and social learning. In Totara's user forums, learners can connect with other users in their organization to discuss content and share resources.

3. Make It Easy to Access Content

With an increasing reliance on mobile devices, today's learners want the ability to complete training tasks from anywhere. Modern LMS platforms enable users to access modules from any internet connected device, which increases participation.

4. Address Shortcomings with Data-driven Insights

By implementing a robust learning analytics solution like Zoola Analytics, your organization can analyze how learners are interacting with LMS content and use those findings to improve your programs. A strong analytics framework enables you to tailor your training content, flow and assessments to better engage participants.

By implementing a customized LMS, your organization can encourage employees to meet their development goals and increase engagement at work. Lambda Solutions specializes in creating Moodle LMS, Totara Learn and Zoola Analytics (LMS reporting solution) to meet our clients' unique needs.

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