The healthcare sector stands to benefit greatly from online education, workplace learning and competency management.

The healthcare sector—including hospitals, health authorities, patient and professional associations—is experiencing massive growth and is under pressure to do more within constrained budgets. Lambda Solutions has worked with leading healthcare providers across North America to overcome their training challenges and improve patient outcomes. Online education, training, competency management and accreditation can play a significant role when you are dealing with organizational growth and change. A hosted learning management system can help you reduce IT costs, streamline administration and enjoy smooth training operations.
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Top 5 Benefits of Online Learning for Healthcare

  1. Improve Patient Outcomes
    Standards of care are continually improving and new methods emerge all the time. To ensure that your teams can keep up with best practices, online learning presents a unique opportunity. Lambda Solutions provides training courses for your course managers that show and tell people how to perform tasks to promote better patient outcomes. Online learning makes it possible to rapidly train people on many different campuses and across shifts.
  2. Foster Competency and Reduce Risk
    Model competency-based best practices in continuing medical education courses to ensure consistency of care, introduce new methods and measure understanding. By standardizing training content, people all learn the same thing and variation in their training is reduced. This reduces risk that may be introduced by inconsistent teaching. Changes to reflect improved methods can be implemented quickly with only one set of course materials to alter.
  3. Keep Track of Employee Progress
    A learning management system automates the process of keeping track of employee progress, including CME credits, certifications, course completion and personal training goals. Human resources can quickly identify people who may be ready for promotion or who might need to upgrade their skills in order to maintain their status.
  4. Enable Anytime Anywhere Learning
    Today’s workers are more mobile than ever. With online learning people can train from anywhere, anytime. Employees can fit learning into their lives when they want, instead of having to drop work at a specific time to attend a class. The flexibility of time-independent learning leads to more completions and shorter course completion times, and fewer work disruptions that require tricky scheduling reworks.
  5. Reduce Costs
    Eliminate venue, travel, food and accommodation expenses associated with training. Online learning is fast to roll out once course content has been developed. If you own the content, then you also eliminate course enrollment fees. Reduce administration costs by automating enrollment and integrating employees into your learning management system automatically with a single sign on system. If you integrate your LMS with an existing human resources management system, you can eliminate data entry as well. Open-source learning management systems like Totara do not require software license fees.

Healthcare Case Studies

Care and Compliance Group

Care & Compliance

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Training provider for healthcare sector (palliative care and assisted living)
OPPORTUNITY: Implementation of learning management solution that effectively tracks learning progress for improved learning and retention, to deliver better patient care.
SOLUTION: Provision of course design recommendations, Moodle customization, Moodle Hosting & Support, and Training.
RESULTS: A more cost-effective, easy-to-manage LMS that gave trainers and learners the ability to learn from anywhere, whether on a desktop or mobile device.
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“Ultimately, the team chose Moodle over alternative solutions because the open-source LMS offered the ultimate flexibility and customization..”

Care and Compliance CEO Josh Allen, RN.

Clinical Difference

Clinical Difference

CUSTOMER’S BUSINESS: Training provider for healthcare professionals
OPPORTUNITY: A training provider needed a way to make its Learning Management System more customizable, reliable and cost-effective learning management solution to scale-up their offerings and increase their business.
SOLUTION: Provision of course design recommendations, Moodle customization, Moodle Hosting & Support, and Training.
RESULTS: Cost savings, more reliable access to the LMS and greatly improved ability to provide training courses on a much bigger scale to more customers
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“(Lambda) are able to look after our needs on schedule and on budget, with minimal downtime for our LMS. Now we’re taking advantage of all that the Moodle LMS has to offer.”

Daniel Steinberg, Clinical Difference Chief Technical Officer.

Totara LMS in Healthcare

Totara Open Source LMS helps address unique Healthcare Training needs

Building on Moodle’s strengths in Healthcare Education, Totara provides additional capabilities to meet the requirements in healthcare training, accreditation and certification, as well as pre-hire assesment and pre-hire training.
Totara makes it easy to create the learning organizations, hierarchies and competencies to support your organization. Totara provides out of the box guided learning paths and reporting tools that make it easy to track, manage and report on competencies and compliance. Because Totara is Open Source, we also embrace Open Education Resources and the sharing of Open Learning Content.

Totara LMS is used by Healthcare organizations around the world

Totara implementations are supported by Totara Partners, like Lambda Solutions, around the world

NHS Trust Regional Hospitals – in The UK
Guys’ & St Thomas’ NHS Hospital – a leading UK hospital
NHS Trust – Learning plans & compliance – UK
Queensland Health -state health provider in Australia
Human Services NSW – Government depts of Ageing, Disability and Home Care
Victim Support – Serving over 70 locations in New Zealand
MediaPharm – a Pharmacy Education Company in The UK
American Cancer Society – in the US
BMI Healthcare – Private Hospital Group in The UK
British Dental Association – UK’s number one private hospital group
Royal College of Pediatrics – in The UK
and many more

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