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Lambda Solutions is a recognized leader in eLearning technology and the leading open source learning management systems, Moodle and Totara. We are experts at reducing the cost of organizational learning which we deliver through open source technology, fast implementation and our cloud infrastructure.


Our Leadership Team


Shevy Levy CEO Lambda SolutionsShevy is Lambda Solutions’ co-founder and CEO. Shevy was inspired to start up Lambda Solutions in 2002, after spending 20 years in the education space, pushing frontiers of Instructional Design and Development, working with various eLearning systems such as SumTotal. By then, she had an entrepreneurial passion for building companies, ranging from tech-oriented organizations to the popular Vancouver-based cafe chain, Trees Organic Coffee.

That passion for creating companies of lasting value and strong leadership has helped make Lambda Solutions into what technology startup consultants Rocket Builders call a top company that delivers value to clients — and a company poised to be a major winner of market opportunities. Shevy continues to take Lambda Solutions forward as a cutting-edge company that welcomes innovation and prides itself on supporting its customers’ goals.

JIM YUPANGCO | Vice President, Customer Experience

Jim YupangcoJim is a founding partner of Lambda Solutions. He has worked with Fortune 500 firms, multi-organizational committees, and small-to-medium-sized businesses pushing the frontiers of eLearning technology.

With over 15 years as a learning designer, Jim Yupangco understands how people learn and engage with content online and the potential of eLearning to revolutionize how people learn. Today, he helps private companies and other organizations by getting to understand their unique needs and proposing solutions to help them achieve what they want. He knows that while no two clients are the same, business constraints act as a catalyst for creative solutions.

GEORGE MIHAILOV | Director, Technology & Innovation

George Mihailov Lambda Solutions

George graduated with a degree in Economics and Business Administration, at Moldova State University. His time at university gave him insights into the worlds of both Business and Technology. He is also a certified ScrumMaster and Zend Certified Engineer.

Prior to Lambda Solutions, George served as a Senior Software Engineer at Inlead, where he was responsible for the development of a community driven open source library management system, used by public libraries in Denmark. He worked for a company called Flosites, where he performed implementations of custom interactive designs. At Simpals, George worked on a new version of a local video-sharing service focusing on media processing. Serving as a Team Leader at Megabit, he organized a company subdivision, and began providing software development and hosting services. He also started his professional career as a Web Developer at Deeplace, where he was implementing award-winning web sites. George has a strong desire to share his knowledge, and he has spent some time teaching programming courses.

STEWART ROGERS | Director, Product Management

Stewart Rogers Lambda SolutionsStewart is an experienced product management professional with over 15 years in technology product management. At Lambda Solutions he leads the product development of next generation solutions for learning and talent management. His approach is to engage customers throughout the development process using instantaneous feedback to ensure solutions exceed expectations.

Prior to Lambda, Stewart was the Director of Product Management at Logibec Inc. where he led the Workforce Management solution development. Before that, he was the Manager of Product Management at ACL Services.  Stewart has also worked for Filogix (now D+H Limited Partnership) in Corporate Development and Strategy, and was responsible for leading two new product development initiatives from idea to product.

Stewart is a Pragmatic Marketing Certified Product Manager, a Certified ScrumMaster and holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Acadia University.

NAAMA SIRENI | Director of Sales

Naama SireniNaama has spent over ten years as a senior team leader working with hospitality and high tech companies across the globe. She works closely with her employees, enabling and empowering them to align their strengths to the organization’s vision so they have a more personalised, authentic and customized work environment. She is best known for her ability to build unique, multicultural teams that break down traditional barriers of conducting business.

PEDRAG GUDOVIC | Regional Manager, Europe

Predrag Gudovic Lambda SolutionsPredrag is an IT professional with more than 10 years of experience specializing in Linux administration. To this day he is always excited by the challenge and problem-solving tasks that IT offers.

During his studies in Informatics at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Predrag had his first contact with Linux. This is where his passion for Linux and Open Source projects began. Prior to Lambda, Predrag worked as trainer for Linux administration courses at ADA Computers and founded a company that made its own Linux distribution Atomix Linux. In addition, Predrag was an IT manager for ASCO and a system administrator for Rapidex Trade. Predrag lives in Novi Sad, Serbia with his wife and two kids.

ALFIE THE DOG | Chief Barking Officer

Alfie the Dog Lambda SolutionsAlfie the dog plays the role of Chief Barking Officer at Lambda.  Our trusted mascot, you will hear Alfie speaking up on many of our calls. Alfie also has a bit of a housekeeping role, as he has taken it upon himself to clean up the remnants of lunch left on the floor, sort through the garbage to make sure no bits of food are left behind, and staring intently at his coworkers while they eat (to make sure they are chewing properly, we are sure). He is passionate about training and learning and has a nose for bad teaching.  Alfie’s credentials include a BA with distinction in telephone etiquette and a Masters in puppy-dog eyes. In his free time, Alfie enjoys long walks on the beach and sleeping under our boardroom table during meetings.

Board of Directors

PIETER DORSMAN | Chairman of the Board

Pieter Dorsman Lambda SolutionsPieter is a financial expert and active investor. He has invested in, worked with and advised many Vancouver-based early stage technology companies. He is a co-founder of Actenum and he structured the start, financing and eventual exit of ClearVision. He currently also serves on the board of VANTEC Entrepreneurs Fund (‘E-Fund’) as well as Lambda Solutions Inc.

Before relocating to Vancouver, Pieter held a number of senior positions in the project and corporate finance divisions of UBS in Hong Kong where he was responsible for financial advisory, arranging and restructuring mandates in Asia.

In his spare time Pieter can get very excited about politics and education, both of which are subordinate to skiing and long mountain hikes.

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