Lambda Suite: Unveiling the Product Locking feature

April 9, 2020 | 2 Mins Read

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Preventing your customers from purchasing items in your store may not seem like a good idea if you are selling socks or sweatshirts or stereos, but if you are in the eLearning business, then it’s likely you have a case for locking products in your store.

Recently I have been working with a client who offers assignment extensions and course deferrals. These ‘products’ are available for sale in their eLearning store, but they don’t want just anyone to buy them.  They want to be able to assess each case and then release the extension or deferral judiciously.  

Another client sells exam retakes, and for similar reasons to the first case, they want to assess the request prior to granting a retake.   

With our new lock/unlock code feature, you can very easily lock a course, activity, or any other product in your Store so that you can decide who has access.  

And, it’s super easy!


When setting up your product in Lambda Suite, go to the Unlock product code section of any product in your Store and set your code:

Lambda Newsletter - April 2020 - 1. unlock code

Then, when your student goes to buy the product, they will see this:

Lambda Newsletter - April 2020 - 2. unlock code

And then add their unlock code here:

Lambda Newsletter - April 2020 - 3. unlock code


Once the product is unlocked, the learner can make their purchase and complete their learning.

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