Grow Your Sales With Purchasing Rules

May 16, 2023 | 4 Min Read

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What happens when a student is browsing your store and adds a course to their cart that they may not be qualified for, only to find later that the course requires a prerequisite?  

There could be any number of similar scenarios where they must cancel the course, go through the ordeal of requesting a refund, and start their journey over. This can be a frustrating experience for the buyer, and now it creates additional work for the admin as well.

 Grow sales with purchasing rules

You need a platform that allows you to set purchasing rules that guide the user to take the right journey and find relevant items to purchase.

Now, the big question is how to do that? Well, here is the answer.

Set Rules to Grow Sales with Improved Buyer Experience

When you use the Purchasing Rules feature, you are enabled with the capacity to sell more courses online.  Provide students with better-purchasing decisions by setting the following rules: 

Define Prerequisites 

When purchasing a course that requires a prerequisite, the learner will be prompted to purchase the introduction course before purchasing the advanced course. For example: If there is an advanced course related to fire rescue operation the user may be required to purchase/  complete a basic fire safety course before purchasing the advanced course.  This provides a better learning journey to the user as well.

Setting equivalencies

There are chances to have a similar course under different categories due to its relevancy, but enrolling/buying the same kind of course again and again just because it is part of other courses can frustrate the buyer. With features like setting equivalencies, the admin can prevent students from purchasing an equivalent course. This will speed up the course completion time, it will save money for the user as well. 

Let’s take an example: if someone has already completed a first aid training course under the safety and hazard course program, they will be not asked/offered the first aid course program for other health and safety courses that includes first aid course as well.

Avoiding duplicate purchases

Duplicate purchases are quite common and can be very frustrating for buyers. They can also be equally frustrating for admins as they deal with product cancellations and returns. Avoid frustration from both admins and users by setting purchasing rules that prevent buyers from purchasing the same course multiple times and improve their buying experience.

 Now you know how purchasing rules can help you in delivering a better user experience. If you want to know how to set purchasing rules and more ways to sell courses then watch our upcoming webinar.

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