[UPDATED] Why Customize Your Moodle™ Theme?

March 29, 2023

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logo goes hereAre you still using a stock Moodle theme? We clearly think it’s a great platform. Sticking with a stock theme, however, might not be the best way to go. There are some compelling reasons to explore a customized design theme for your LMS.

Branding Your LMS

I’d like to speak to your marketing director. Seriously. Send this to marketing because they will be really interested in what I have to say. Why? Your marketing department spends a lot of time and effort (and let’s not forget money) working on your brand. It's likely that if you look at your website, your letterhead, and your business card, they all have branding themes. The font and colors, the logo—all these pieces speak to the consistency of your brand. And that’s a good thing. If the look and feel of your Moodle site don't reflect the branding you worked so hard for, you have missed another opportunity to attach your brand to an important experience for your internal or external customers. This is especially important for corporations that have well-known brands.

Seamless Transition

Let’s visualize your learners going to your beautifully designed website, and they click on the link to access your Moodle courses. And what? Have I made a wrong turn? What happened to the logo? Why does this look so different? Where am I? There is something to be said for a seamless transition. It’s jarring for a user to be suddenly turned into another world that is clearly not associated with your company.

Learner Engagement

Now I’d like to speak to your Chief Learning Officer. There’s another reason to customize your theme: learner engagement. We’d all like to pretend that appearances don’t matter, but, in fact, they do. If I’m attending a lecture and the speaker is well dressed and—yes—attractive, am I more likely to stay in the room and pay attention? You bet I am. Let’s apply that to your Moodle site.

If your site is a stock page and very humdrum, you are not doing much to engage learners and keep them interested. Step it up a notch and customize your page; you are more likely to hold your students’ attention. In fact, your theme might be inspiring. How students feel when they arrive at the page matters.


Finally, and perhaps the most important suggestion I have for you: consider a mobile-optimized responsive theme. Your learners are no longer locked to a desk. Accessing Moodle via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets is quickly becoming the norm. Keep your learners happy on the go by making sure the mobile Moodle experience is a good one.



Sell, market, manage, and scale your eLearning all in one place with the brand new Lambda Suite!!

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