The Benefits of a Cloud-based LMS for the Healthcare Industry


The Benefits of a Cloud-based LMS for the Healthcare Industry

February 13, 2019

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The Benefits of a Cloud-based LMS for the Healthcare Industry

Training and education play a crucial role in ensuring patient satisfaction, accurate diagnosis, and a safe and compliant workplace. Healthcare training can be challenging since it must be customized to each role. Here is why a cloud-based Learning Management System is the best solution to address this challenge.

Training Requirements for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals need access to an ongoing training program to keep up with regulations that are becoming increasingly complex and changing at a fast pace. Refresher training for handling potential safety hazards is also beneficial since it's a field where employees need to follow strict safety procedures.

A comprehensive training program could also help Healthcare professionals acquire new skills, for instance, to access new career opportunities or deliver a better patient experience. Training should also support employees who have to incorporate innovations in their workflows, such as new medical devices.

What Does the Ideal Healthcare Training Solution Look Like?

Each practice or hospital department has its unique workflows and compliance challenges. This is why training needs to be highly customizable. There should be an emphasis on delivering training that directly translates to what employees do on a daily basis.

Flexibility is crucial. Healthcare professionals typically don't spend a lot of time at a single desktop computer. Training should be accessible on a mobile device, so they can complete a few modules in between seeing patients or working on other tasks.

Tracking and reporting tools will help management demonstrate that employees have completed mandatory training linked to compliance or patient privacy requirements. Tracking and reporting tools will help manage compliance risk and prove that the necessary steps to address these risks have been taken.

The ideal Healthcare training program should be adapted to different learning styles and support mandatory training as well as additional courses that will help employees meet personal and professional development goals.

Healthcare organizations can also benefit from a training solution that integrates different training experiences, such as instructor-led training and other hands-on training activities.

Which Healthcare Organizations Can Benefit from Using an LMS?

Small practices can benefit from using an LMS to train employees to comply with HIPAA and other policies that can be challenging due to their complexity. An LMS would make specialized training more accessible thanks to third-party modules.

Larger organizations will benefit from implementing a centralized tool from which they can manage customized training for different employees or departments. LMS like Moodle or Totara Learn give you the possibility to create different audiences and hierarchies.

You can use these features to assign different levels of permissions for users or assign courses to specific groups. These features can be used to recreate the hierarchy of a practice or a larger Healthcare network.

Why Use a Cloud-based LMS?

A cloud-based Healthcare LMS is an approach that makes sense because it is cost-effective. Using the cloud makes training more accessible and allows employees to complete training activities from anywhere with a mobile device.

The cloud is more flexible. You can build a customized training program by integrating modules from third-parties, organize users into groups, and create a training program that reflects the hierarchy of a Healthcare organization. The scalability of the cloud allows you to easily roll out the training program to more practices or departments, or to add new training modules.

The computing power of the cloud makes reporting and analytics more accessible. These features are crucial in helping you meet goals, identify new opportunities for training, and proving that you are taking the right steps to meet compliance requirements.

Lambda Solutions delivers highly customizable training solutions for a wide range of industries. We can help you choose the best LMS for your Healthcare organization and show you how to get the most out of this new training solution.

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