5 eLearning benefits for talent development performance


5 eLearning Benefits for Talent Development and Performance

May 22, 2019

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5 eLearning benefits for talent development performance

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Strengthening current employee skills and helping them develop new ones is a key element of attracting talent, retaining employees and building a successful business model. Consider investing in eLearning to add to your talent development program, keep employees engaged and build a strong business model.

Improve Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Your training program can improve satisfaction and boost employee confidence right from the beginning, thanks to a solid onboarding program that prepares new recruits for their tasks. Once the employees complete that phase, they can explore training resources and get access to personalized content that aligns with their goals. For 42 percent of millennials, training and talent development are the most important benefits an employer can offer.

Support Performance with Knowledge

Turn your eLearning programs and learning management system (LMS) into a tool that employees can use to:

  • Create a knowledge base with a search function so they can easily look up training resources without interrupting their workflow.
  • Deliver bite-size modules, such as microlearning video content.
  • Develop mobile-friendly resources so they can get access to the resources on the go.

Adopt a Results-driven Approach and Reduce Costs

Consolidating your training resources into a platform like an LMS allows you to collect data so you can visualize how employees interact with them. The xAPI framework gathers L&D data from several sources, including online courses, internal training resources and online activities.

That data-driven approach gives you better visibility over how employees spend their training time. Analytics also are valuable for users, since they can help shape their learning goals. But, you can also use analytics at a company-wide level to spot trends and assess how well your L&D program is helping you reach your goals.

Implementing an LMS makes training more affordable compared with other solutions, and analytics help develop a results-driven approach to training.

Watch: Capturing Data to Improve the eLearning Experience with Analytics


Address Specific Learning Needs and Challenges

New technologies can help you develop a responsive talent development program, useful whether your organization needs a new specialist in an emerging field, or one to prepare for the adoption of new technology.

Also, you might need to help employees develop skills to improve customer satisfaction or keep up with new compliance requirements. Whatever the need, an LMS provides a flexible training infrastructure.

Offer Long-term Professional Talent Development Plans

A tool such as Totara Learn lets you assign learning objectives, programs, courses and more to users. The feature is a good compromise between employees using training resources to achieve self-directed individual goals and focusing on the skills needed to achieve organizational goals. You can have your L&D team or HR department work with employees to better understand their goals and to build a personalized plan together with them.

Discover how to do exactly that, and the other defining freedoms and benefits that the Totara Learn LMS provides with the free comprehensive Totara Learn User Guide.

Download: The Complete Totara Learn User Guide Part One and Give Your Business The Cutting-Edge Training Advantage

A quality training program will help you attract, retain and develop talent in addition to creating a workplace and give you the tools necessary to deliver optimal performance and have a handle on your business goals. Lambda Solutions can help you create that workplace by guiding you through the implementation of an LMS so that you can create a better way to learn and train.


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Sell, market, manage, and scale your eLearning all in one place with the brand new Lambda Suite!!

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