5 Benefits of Using H5P in Online Learning

May 19, 2022 | 4 Min Read


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Rarely does a technology come along that revolutionizes entirely multiple industries? Rarely is the technology free to use.

h5p for interactive course

Welcome to the world of HTML5, also known as H5P, the game-changing technology that is helping tens of thousands of businesses across the globe. In terms of online learning, it has fundamentally changed the way we learn online. 

When introduced in 2013, for the first time it allowed for the combination of multiple media types in such a user-friendly format.

Suddenly L&D teams were able to create rich, interactive online training courses that feature interactive elements. These features brought a gamification component to learning and further built on its gaining popularity by including social media strategies such as ‘like’ and ‘sharing’. These elements combined have brought online learning into the 21st century.

It is gaining popularity for its ability to personalize and deliver high-quality content. 

Today we are going to discuss 5 Benefits of Using H5P in Online Learning:

  • Interactive page elements to foster engagement
  • A user-friendly content editor makes designing new courses easy
  • Combine different content types for deeper comprehension
  • No additional app is needed, it’s 100% browser-based
  • It does not cost anything and is free to use


Let’s dive into the details of what this tech can do for your learning business and why your learning business is put at a disadvantage without it. We will also include a substantial number of resources to further explore what HTML5 can do.

improve online learning with H5P

What is H5P and How Does it Improve Online Learning?

There is a reason why so many universities, enterprises,  schools, and other organizations use H5P. It is because of its ability to deliver a much more personalized experience. In terms of learning, it allows you to create interactive lessons that were not available, even just a few years ago. 

Take, for example, branching scenarios. This feature provides the learners with an interactive choice. Depending what the student chooses, determines the next branch of the learning path.  Branching scenarios are often likened to the old Choose Your Own Adventure books. 


Want to learn more about the branching scenarios? Watch this super informative webinar and learn to create a framework for writing a good scenario.

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Through an easy-to-use online editor, course designers and instructors can develop and customize courses that combine content types for deeper comprehension. 

When your learners are more engaged, they become more invested and as a result, you have more course completions, enabling you to sell more courses online. 

Combining Different Types of Content

H5P allows you to mix and match a variety of media to create a fully interactive online training course that nurtures participation. Content types for course creation include:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Text
  • Graphics

Create Interactive Page Elements That Foster Engagement

It is a practical tool for creating interactive, personalized content for your online training course. It brings with it a massive toolbox that features an array of different offerings at its disposal.

This educational approach is supported by evidence that when you use elements like interactive video, fill-in-the-blanks, and memory games, you’re learners are more engaged, often resulting in higher completion rates and re-enrollment. 

Benefits of using H5P to add interactivity to your videos include:

  • Adding dynamic elements to video fosters knowledge retention
  • Content is mobile-friendly and accessible across all or most devices
  • Learners can self-pace and self-test their comprehension while viewing the video
  • Dozens of elements to choose from such as drag and drop, crosswords, multiple-choice, and summary activities
  • Compatible with YouTube

Type of Interactive Content Available in H5P

Course designers can choose from an assortment of different features that support deeper learning, while instructors use it to engage their learners. Making interactive content is easy to do and does not require much training. 

Below is a selection and description of some of the most popular online learning tools that HTML5 provides:

Quizzes – A fundamental building block of online learning, this feature allows you to create a sequence of assorted question types such as a trivia game

Branching Scenarios – This popular feature allows the learner to self-pace and determines their next lesson or activity based on the decisions they make in the current lesson. It allows them to choose their own path

Course Presentation – Combine multimedia content to create an interactive slide presentation and activities

Image Hotspots – Create areas within an image that allow access to more information such as an image of the anatomy where your learner can click to identify various sections of the body

Interactive Video – This allows the course designer to add layers of information overtop the videos such as knowledge checks to make the video more engaging. 

Dialog Cards – Create text-based turning cards to identify images, not unlike flashcards

Accordion – An accordion allows the user to click an arrow or “+” symbol to access further information in a drop-down

Drag & Drop - Create image-based drag and drop activities such as putting images in order or identifying and grouping according to category

Drag the Words – Drag words into the appropriate columns or categories

Guess the Answer – Use any number of content types to guess the answer 

Mark the Words – An activity where the learner must mark the correct answer

True or Fales – A great way to introduce a new lesson or subject matter

Upload Audio – Audio can be used for an array of purposes such as identifying excerpts or self-paced interactive tests

Fill in the Blanks – A very easy and simple way to create a lesson using a feature that focuses on retention

Timelines – A fun and linear way to explore subject matter

For a complete list of H5P interactive elements and descriptions.

interactive learning with h5p


All of the features outlined above are elements of the gamification trend within the online learning industry. It has completely changed the way people learn. When gamification is introduced in learning it sustains engagement, changes behaviors, and builds culture.

Who can use H5P?

While Course Designers will customarily develop the training course, H5P makes it particularly easy for Instructors to make any necessary adjustments using the tool’s content editor. Anyone with access can be empowered to make changes and fine-tune the lessons.

Not only will you be able to provide a superior training course, but you will also be enabling your company with the tools that will most certainly sell more courses online. 

Key Points

Throughout this article, we have discussed the 5 Benefits of Using H5P in Online Learning. How interactive page elements foster engagement. How a user-friendly content editor makes designing new courses easy, and by combining different content types you can achieve deeper comprehension for your learners. Lastly, this tool is entirely browser-based and is free to use. 

With an LMS that uses H5P to command the learner's attention, you have the means to create a better product. Combine different content types for deeper comprehension and more responsive and accessible content that will certainly yield more sales online. 

Consider using the Lambda Suite for all of your learning needs. It comes with H5P, so you don’t have to install third-party integration to access the features of H5P outlined in this article. Start turning your training programs into fun and exciting interactive lessons. Book your free, no obligations consultation today.

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