Benefits of Open Source LMS

There are a few clear indicators that point to why open source solutions are being chosen by top organizations like McDonald’s, the US Department of Defense, and Google.

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Open Source Learning Management Systems are Highly Flexible

You can tailor your open source LMS so that it meets the look and feel of your organization’s branding. Additionally, open source coding allows you to modify your system to meet your exact specifications.

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Open Source Learning Management Systems Cost Less

Open source LMS does not require licensing fees, so the money you save can go where it is needed, for things like hosting, and implementation. Research shows that going open source will reduce costs by up to 80%.

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Open Source Learning Management Systems are More Secure

Open source solutions are more secure than proprietary solutions because there is a large user base of global developers who can respond to security and bug fixes in a matter of days rather than months.

“Ultimately, the team chose Moodle over alternative solutions because the open-source LMS offered the ultimate flexibility and customization.”

JOSH ALLEN, RN.| CEO, Care and Compliance

Experience an Open Source LMS in action

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