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October 11, 2019 | 1 Min Read

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As an LMS Administrator, part of your task set is managing the overall maintenance of your site.  If your hosting vendor has a cap on your LMS’s site storage, then you need to know how to manage your storage.  Not only to do course resources such as images and files start to build up, but so do all the course backups you make, and often forget about.

We know you want to manage this, so we created the Site Measure of File Storage Report.  With this report, you can see files by course, size, file type, date uploaded and the user who uploaded the file.  You can also sort and filter the report to help you identify the problem files.


Here, we’ve sorted the File Size to descending and added some conditional formatting to see the largest files. 




In the screenshot, I’ve highlighted the file type: .mbz, which is the Moodle course backup file type.  You can also see here that this file was last modified in 2016, which might be a fair indicator that you don’t need it anymore. 


Alternatively, you could sort the report by File Modify Date ascending to see the oldest files:




We can see that there are multiple files that were last modified in 2010. You may know that Tom Sense is no longer working at the organization and therefore it is safe to delete the files and potentially even the course(s) to which they belong. 


If you weren’t sure, and wanted to check with the author by filtering for Author or Modified by and sending them the report to ask them.  This can all be done through the Reports Block.  


Cleaning up the files on your site on a regular basis is an excellent practice for long term sustainability.

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