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March 22, 2023

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Moodle’s Feedback module is not the same as its Survey module. With Moodle’s Feedback module, you can create your own questions, to conduct surveys. This is in contrast with Moodle’s Survey tool, where you have to choose from a list of pre-written questions (similar to Moodle Quiz). Moodle Feedback Activities are also ideal for course, trainer, or teacher evaluations, as you have the option of creating non-graded questions.

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 Here are some of the most helpful features of the Moodle Feedback Module:

  • You can manage when the survey will be available (i.e. x date to y date)

  • You can enable or disable anonymous feedback

  • You can select whether users can make multiple submissions (yes/no)

  • You can manage whether you want to be notified about submissions (yes/no)

  • You can show summary results to respondants

  • You can link to a new activity once a survey is submitted

Building Feedback

Once creating a new feedback activity, you can begin designing your survey by “adding questions.” There is a drop down list where you can select the type of question you want to create: longer text answer, multiple choice, multiple choice (rated), numeric answer, and short text answer.

After you have created the questions, you can manage the order of the questions and specify which answers are required to be answered by users. By creating dependence items and dependence values, users can be asked questions conditional of their answers to a previous question. In other words, you can make it so that certain questions are only visible once a previous question has been answered correctly. In the “Analysis” screen you can see a graphical view of the data entered for each question. Here, you also have the option of exporting the results to an Excel file for further statistical analysis.

As mentioned, feedback is most commonly used to evaluate educators and courses, but it also has other extended functions such as:

  • Guest Survey can be used by non-users, such as parents, to submit their feedback anonymously through an open and accessible page

  • Guests can sign up for events or courses using the Feedback module.

  • Non-users (i.e. users without a login) can use this Feedback module as a “Contact Us” form

  • It can be used as a safe platform for students to anonymously report incidents of bullying, including details like what happened, and where.

  • Students can use the Feedback module to select course modules or subjects they wish to study in subsequent years or semesters. The results can easily be exported and used to match availability.

Sell, market, manage, and scale your eLearning all in one place with the brand new Lambda Suite!!

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