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April 14, 2022 | 4 Min Read

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Keeping learners engaged, and motivated, as well as ensuring the value of the course for the user is a challenge, but with certification programs, one can keep the learner engaged.

The certification program improves extended selling opportunities and creates recurring revenue through certifications.

sell more courses with certificates

Sometimes it is the industry demand and sometimes it's the career goals that motivate people to enroll in certification programs. Most industries have roles that require some form of certification. Industry associations will often bring together professionals who share both interests and career goals. It is a natural step for them to lead the industry in promoting standards for training, skills assessment, and quality workmanship.

Certifications will increase your learner engagement and experience, provide loads of opportunities to upsell, and will generate recurring, effortless income for your online training business. 

If you are not automating your certification renewals with your learners, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table. Furthermore, your learners will be endeared to you for making recertifications such an easy and pleasant experience. 

Create and Sell Recurring Certifications

Certifications are at the heart of online learning. Instead of letting their certification lapse and risk even one day without certification, notifications can now be configured for each learner, prompting them to recertify before the expiry period. This allows you to nurture the student, making recertification easy, while also suggesting related training programs.

Using the certification feature holds a plethora of benefits.

Learner engagement – Certifications often keep learners motivated, it is a mark of accomplishment and industry-recognized proof of understanding. 

Learner experience Setting up prompts to recertify takes the responsibility away from the learner, providing an improved learner experience. 

Upsell opportunity – Those requiring certification for their career growth have already demonstrated interest and dedication and are more likely to engage in further courses that could advance their careers. 

Recurring revenues & loyalty - Certification programs remain the low-hanging fruit of the online training industry and are a smart way to generate recurring income. 

B2B Customer satisfaction – Employers remain content because certifications are a measurable sign of their team's successful training. 

If you deliver certification programs, watch this webinar to know more about certification features and how this can help in selling more courses.

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