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April 18, 2022 | 12 Min Read

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Keeping users’ information safe is one of the biggest challenges for online training companies. With the growing incidences of identity theft, hacking, and malware attack, providing a secure platform to browse is a crucial task.

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A Seamless Security Experience 

With features like two-factor authentication, it is possible to protect users from online hackers and attackers. Online security cannot be left to chance, especially when it involves sensitive credentials. Then you have the challenge of remembering multiple passwords for each site you access.

Lambda Suite provides two-factor authentication (2FA) when logging in to the platform through a Twilio account. Two-factor authentication can be used either as a required login option for everyone or can be enabled for individual students. This protects sensitive information and provides a greater sense of security for students and other users.

A Trusted Protocol to Manage All of Your Passwords

The frequent requirement of login at the portal and security authentication can be cumbersome. To deal with this without compromising on the security you can provide features like single sign-on using Open ID Connects and SAML 2.0

To provide a secure environment we have implemented an Identity Federation with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0. This is a system of trust between two parties. It is an open standard that allows identifying providers (IdP) to authorize credentials that permit the user to log in to other websites. Using SAML allows the user to manage their login for all of their accounts, rather than many separate logins.  Students can sign in using the credentials from your Identity Provider (IdP) and if required, they can also create their account by mapping profile data from the IdP. To provide a secure experience to the user of Microsoft 365 we use Azure Active Directory.

No more ‘Forget Password’

Students will no longer complain about having to remember multiple passwords, creating an improved learner experience. This now puts an end to password-related tickets, so you can spend your resources more efficiently on selling courses with better learner engagement and buyer experience.

The secure single sign-on protects user information and provides a greater sense of security to the students as well as to the buyers exploring the platform to buy new courses or digital products.

Want to know how this feature is going to make your course more secure and user-friendly? Watch this webinar and learn more about the features that can help you in selling more courses.

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