September 13 2016

7 Must Have LMS Features: #2 - Theming, Brand, and Design

Written by Nimritta P.

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The LMS landscape enhances training effectiveness for organizations in various markets, if you know which features to look for — but with over 600 options in the LMS market, shopping for a new platform is no easy task. We're going to outlinewhich LMS features allow you to enhance the effectiveness of training delivery, increase learner engagement and retention, enhance the user experience, all while saving time and money. This is the second of seven blogs in our series, Must Have LMS Features. Check out our first post here

LMS Theming, Brand, & Design

Consistent theming, design, and branding help create a seamless user experience, enhance the engagement of learners, AND make your user’s comfortable. Think about that - your brand alone has the power to improve the learning experience. LMS vendors that are capable of integrating your brand into your learning management system will help provide you this. Your LMS will be a reflection of you, so make sure it is an accurate representation. If the interface is outdated, what will that say about your organization? Branding your LMS with your own theme and design will make it recognizably yours, and will be much more engaging to your learners.

Branding will also allow your company’s message and values to be the theme throughout the learning experience. Your brand will not only become distinguished and identifiable by your learners, but your learner’s values will start to reflect your organization’s values overtime. Once your learners values are tied to the organization, it will be easier, and almost intuitive for them to succeed within the company.

Branding also has a huge influence in directing and forming your company culture. If you don’t think company culture is important, consider this. The Harvard Business Review published an article titled “Culture Trumps Strategy Every Time.” The article quotes, “Culture drives innovation and whatever else you are trying to accomplish within a company - innovation, execution, whatever it’s going to be. And that then drives results.” Culture is the nucleus of every organization - it is the essence of the company and its people. Why wouldn’t we try and make it as strong, and healthy as possible? Having an LMS that allows you the options of theming, designing, and branding, will help foster your company culture in a way that is reflective.

Business Problems Solved

  • Allows for a seamless transition between your website and your LMS.
  • it creates consistency, allows a better user experience and usability, and can increase user adoption.
  • A responsive design will allow you the freedom to access your LMS from various devices.

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