7 Must Have LMS Features: #4 - Gamification

September 27, 2016

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The LMS landscape enhances training effectiveness for organizations in various markets, if you know which features to look for — but with over 600 options in the LMS market, shopping for a new platform is no easy task. We're going to outlinewhich LMS features allow you to enhance the effectiveness of training delivery, increase learner engagement and retention, enhance the user experience, all while saving time and money. This is the fourth of seven blogs in our series, Must Have LMS Features. Check out the last post here. 


Gamification Statistics:

  • 14% increase in skill-based knowledge assessment
  • 11% increase in factual knowledge
  • 9% increase in retention rate

Gamification helps achieve effective learning — that is, learning that sticks. Gamification encapsulates the motivational pull that games have, and applies them to the process of learning. Games are enjoyable, meaningful, and self-motivated, and they inhibit practice and learning. These characteristics exist in gamification as well, transferring these characteristics over to learning. Learning becomes enjoyable, and self-motivated. The competitive nature of gamification provides the pull for the follow through on training. Thus, gamification has the power to actually change behavioural patterns. Games increase knowledge retention , because the involve repetition (i.e. practice). They provide the freedom to fail, and try again, which enables the learning process through trial and error, while simultaneously increasing completion rates.  

Receiving rewards and recognition provide learners with a record of their learning, and trainers a way to incentivize and track learners achievements. Games provide better, faster feedback for both learners and trainers. By using the right technology, gamification can provide real-time analytical data about how the learner’s abilities develop as they progress. This gives a sense of strengths and weaknesses, highlighting which areas need more work to attain the necessary level of skill.

Business Problems Solved:

  • Effective learning that sticks
  • Increased completion rates
  • Increased student engagement

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Sell, market, manage, and scale your eLearning all in one place with the brand new Lambda Suite!!

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