August 21 2015

Moodle's Advanced Features: Moodle Mobile

Written by Nimritta P.

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Mobile Moodle learning can refer to two things - mobility of learning (i.e. learning on the go), and learning directly from your mobile device. Not surprisingly, the two definitions are interdependently related. Learning on your mobile phone allows increased collaboration, and it acts as an extra channel for communication in a course. Mobile Moodle learning is best when used as a supplementary method to eLearning environments, or even face-to-face classes.

The key to successful mobile learning, is finding a strategy. In order to do this, you need to understand who your learners are, what they use their mobile devices for, and how much time they generally spend on their mobile devices. The answers to these questions will help you format the structure of your mobile learning.

You also have the option of delivering multimedia content to mobiles to enhance mobile learning. Some examples of multimedia you can upload to mobile Moodle are audio files, videos, images, and even podcasts.

To fully benefit from mobile learning, you can download the Moodle Mobile app. The Moodle Mobile app is a HTML5 application that works for Android and Apple devices. With the app, users have a few more multimedia capabilities, including uploading smartphone pictures, recorded audio, and videos into Moodle. Users can also use the mobile platform as an added channel of communication with peers and teachers. Additionally, the new release of Moodle Mobile 2.0 allows users to benefit from the following new features and improvements:

  • Speed and smooth functioning with an improved user interface

  • Intuitive functionality, including pull to refresh and infinite scrolling

  • A simplified experience with filters, easier settings and access to user profiles

  • Access to more Moodle features including Activity Completion, Choice, Notes, Book, IMS CP and Chat

  • Large increase in storage space within the app

  • Offline access to your Moodle calendar

  • Intelligent push notifications that support multiple Moodle sites per app

  • And more!

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