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Create a Flexible and Engaging Learning Environment with Customized Learning

December 4, 2018

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Customized learning is a learner-centric approach. Learners make their own decisions regarding the content they want to consume, how learning is planned, and what the goals are. Some systems incorporate self-assessment and let learners decide what they want to achieve by interacting with the system.

In most corporate settings, customized learning is supported by the use of analytics. An LMS can track a learner's performance and interests, then recommend specific modules or learning paths adapted to each user.

Why Use Customized Learning?

Customized learning works well in a flexible learning environment. Learners can set their own pace, engage with the eLearning program when it is convenient for them to do so, and decide how long a learning session will last. An LMS corporate training solution can make this possible if it is used to design bite-sized learning modules that are compatible with a mobile platform.

Whether learners can set their own path or receive customized recommendations, engaging with content that is interesting to them will help with motivation as learners will be more likely to engage with the program regularly if they see value in it and enjoy what they are learning.

Customized pathways and learning plans give users agency. For example, a healthcare learning management system could be used to deliver different programs that learners can complete to earn certifications and get access to new job opportunities. This type of eLearning program could contribute to improving job satisfaction and even help attract talent.

It is possible to use customized learning to improve the success rate of a program. Everyone has a different learning style, and some users might retain more information when watching a video or completing an activity. Some will prefer social learning over reading an article. Content that matches a user's learning style can be automatically recommended thanks to analytics.

Lastly, customized learning can be connected to job performance and create measurable value for an eLearning program.

It is possible to assess a learner's strengths and weaknesses by using quizzes, self-assessment, and feedback from managers. A targeted learning strategy can then be implemented by recommending the modules or learning paths that would benefit the learner. Targeted customized learning can turn an eLearning program into a tool that supports and improves job performance.

Who Can Benefit from Customized Learning?

Customized learning is beneficial in both corporate and academic settings. This approach will foster a love for learning and transform an eLearning program into a tool that supports employees or students in their personal and professional goals.

There are scenarios where learning shouldn't be personalized. For instance, a corporate training program might have a specific company-wide goal that would be uniform to all learners. An onboarding program would also be the same for all learners.

Customization isn't the right approach either in the context of programs designed to help a learner obtain professional certification or implement a safety training program based on industrial standards.

However, it is possible to create a hybrid approach to combine customized learning and uniform goals in these scenarios. Assessments can be used to pinpoint weaknesses and provide targeted learning opportunities to those who need them to achieve the same uniform learning goal as the other users.

It is possible to create this hybrid approach with LMS like Moodle and Totara Learn. You can use features such as audience management and learning plans to offer different paths and control how much agency different groups of learners have. For instance, new hires could be placed in a group that needs to complete a few mandatory training modules before having access to personalized content.

The reporting features of these solutions will also give you more visibility over your audiences, the goals they are achieving thanks to customized learning, and any adjustments needed in learning paths.

Offering a program that allows for some level of customization could be the key to keeping learners engaged and improving the outcome of the eLearning program. Lambda Solutions can help you get started with an LMS like Moodle or Totara Learn and show you how to implement a customized learning strategy.

Sell, market, manage, and scale your eLearning all in one place with the brand new Lambda Suite!!

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