Why Cloud Learning?

April 25, 2014

Full-Managed Cloud Hosting for Moodle Vs. Self-Hosting

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Cloud-LearningIs your learning in the cloud? It should be. It hasn't been around that long, but cloud computing has revolutionized how organizations run their technology systems, including those for online learning. Cloud computing will help your organization take advantage of a technology delivery model that offers a stable, secure platform that reduces capital expenditures.

Why do we Love Cloud Learning? Let us Recount the Ways

Stay Up and Running 24/7/365

Your users need to learn when they want — anytime, anywhere. With dedicated cloud server support you benefit from database and server experts who watch over our hosting infrastructure and make sure it never goes down. We use a monitoring and alert system to let our technical people know when problems might occur.

Increase Learner Engagement and Productivity

Nothing is more frustrating than a hung screen, or a sluggish response. Keep learners happy and engaged by providing them with an environment that keeps up with their pace. We continuously tune caches and shape bandwidth to make the user experience a pleasure. We also run on a fiber network that automatically switches traffic to open lines to prevent bottlenecks.

Reduce Capital Costs

Managed hosting means you do not have to invest in the servers or the IT expertise to run a Moodle or Totara implementation. Keep the capital costs off your balance sheet.

Save Even More Over Time

Maintaining application and hosting know-how in the face of continuous change, takes time and dedication. We have the resources to optimize our systems so that you don’t have to. Concentrate on creating great courses instead.

Benefit From True Support

Our hosting and application support experts are here for you. You can count on us to resolve hosting problems promptly and to answer application questions knowledgeably. Our flexible, tiered support packages allow you to access the help you need when you need it.

Grow When You Need To

We know your organization will be successful and one day soon you will need to grow. The Lambda environment can grow with you. Our infrastructure is highly flexible, so when you are ready to grow, so are we.

Support Mobile Learning

Learning has gone mobile. Lambda hosted Moodle and Totara implementations support any device. Participants can learn wherever there is an internet connection. And because, on the cloud, people work in real-time on the system, they do not have to go through complicated ‘synchronization’ procedures that offline / online systems demand.

Benefit From New Features

We perform scheduled upgrades that keep your learning system up-to-date with new features that allow you to extend and improve the learning experience. You can choose to participate or not and we can test your existing system against the upgrade to let you know how it will affect existing courses.


Your learners and courses remain safe behind our firewall. Our intrusion detection and prevention systems turn potential threats away from the gate. Lambda’s physical data centers are only accessible by authorized personnel and state of the art surveillance and round the clock security teams continuously patrol the perimeter and interior of the facility.

Back Up

We ensure that assignments, quizzes, course materials and records, are backed-up daily so no one can lose their work.

Disaster Recovery

We cannot emphasize this enough. Saving your data in a safe place for recovery after a disaster is critically important. You likely have a back-up system. Consider failover as well. Failover means that if the server your learning management system runs on fails, or is overextended, it fails over to another server automatically. We recommend you consider basic or advanced failover based on the number of users you have and what kind of content you are delivering.

Security, 24/7 stability and cost savings are just a few of the topic we'll cover at our next webinar. How can you not love the cloud? Is it time to join in? Ask us how.


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