The best tools for increasing learner engagement


The Best Tools for Increasing Learner Engagement

February 20, 2019

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The best tools for increasing learner engagement

One of the most important elements of any eLearning experience is undoubtedly learner engagement. Needless to say, without learners who are sufficiently engaged in the material they are learning, any learning experience is doomed to fail.

This article will help you keep abreast of the tools you can use to drastically increase the learner engagement of your eLearning experience.

Revolutionize Old Teaching Tools

One of the primary benefits of eLearning is just how much you can influence learner engagement through the use of technology. For years, PowerPoint has long been a staple of any learning experience, allowing learners to gain invaluable experience in the creation and presentation of slideshows and learning material.

And with the use of PowerPoint add-ins such as Web Viewer or Meetoo Add-in, which allow PowerPoint presentations to display web pages and run live polls mid-presentation, you can completely revolutionize how your students use PowerPoint.

The incorporation of add-ins to traditional teaching tools such as PowerPoint also has additional benefits for learners. Not only will it help keep them engaged by giving them new ways to interface with technology that they already understand, but it also encourages critical thinking by letting them use old tools in new ways.

Use Apps to Your Advantage

For the longest time, smartphones were reviled in the classroom. Fortunately, with eLearning, learners can both maintain their phones in classroom and training environments, and also use their mobile devices to help them learn.

After all, considering that the average American adult spends more than 11 hours per day interacting with media and consumes much of that media via cellphone, it only stands to reason that harnessing mobile devices for eLearning could stand to greatly boost learner engagement.

Through the use of apps such as Kahoot or Socrative that allow you to consistently manage learner engagement in a gamified manner, you can greatly boost the engagement of learners with your eLearning experience.

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Use Interactive Video

Since most learners are visual learners, it only makes sense that video is a fantastic instructional tool for educators. Interactive video - for example, augmented reality (AR) videos that allow learners to experience training exercises or learning experiences in a tactile manner through an AR headset - greatly boosts the engagement learners can derive from video experiences.

This allows instructors to use video for longer periods more reliably and adds an element of active learning into video experiences. This ability - namely, the ability to generate active learning experiences in which learners can practically apply themselves to activities without any physical risk or set-up - makes interactive video the next great frontier in learning engagement.

Although the cost to provide interactive educational videos can be fairly high, it more than pays off in the long-run with learners who are not only more engaged in your eLearning experience, but are also able to get more information out of learning experiences by actively engaging with knowledge.

There are also other alternatives for interactive content that can easily be implemented into any open source LMS, such as Moodle or Totara Learn.

Track Learner Data

We live in an age of big data, and education should be no exception. By tracking learner data, you can easily keep track of not only how your learners are performing, but also which activities they are engaged with and which activities fail, allowing you to fluidly manage the learner engagement of your eLearning experience.

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