April 7 2014

Webinar Poll - How to Improve Employee Engagement and Performance

Written by Lambda Solutions

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I_did_nothing_today____by_MarioReivIn Q1 2014 we ran a webinar called How to Improve Employee Performance and Engagement. During the live session (which we recorded), we asked attendees two questions:

Rate the level of employee engagement at your organization

The majority (66%) said employees at their organization were "engaged", and the dominant reason was "professional development" (66%) followed by "recognition" (50%). For this question we allowed participants to choose more than one answer.


What is the engagement level at your organization? Poll result

Main reasons for employee engagement

It was the response to the second question that was particularly telling, and really helped solidify the case for building a culture of continuous learning through tracking and incentives. Employees respond to opportunities that benefit both the organization and themselves. Clearly, organizational growth goes hand-in-hand with individual development.

Main reasons for engagement? Poll results

Watch the complete webinar and find out what motivates employees, and to find out what is the true cost of employee disengagement.

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