September 10 2015

Webinar Features & Integrations

Written by Lambda Solutions

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Moodle Adobe Connect

This Moodle LMS integration provides seamless use of Adobe Connect Pro directly in Moodle.This is done by adding an activity instance and providing the meeting name, url (optional), start time, end time, meeting template and a public or private meeting setting.

With single-sign-on technology, users who have logged into Moodle will not have to enter Adobe Connect Credentials to access the Moodle webinar or meeting. When provided access through the meeting link, it's a simple click of a button and away you go!

Additionally, you have the ability to create three roles: Adobe Connect Host, Presenter, and Participant in Moodle, to reflect the roles on Adobe Connects’ server. When users are assigned roles within Moodle, they are automatically given these roles when they log into the webinar. This Moodle integration also provides you with the ability access webinar and meeting recordings directly through Moodle, so administrators and teachers never have to leave the site.

See for more information on the features of the product.

Big Blue Button

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system designed for distance education or training. Using either the free version, or paid version, BigBlueButton is a dynamic conferencing system that enables you to deliver a high-quality learning experience to remote learners.

With real-time sharing of slides, a virtual whiteboard, audio, video, chat, and desktop sharing, mimicking face-to-face instruction has never been easier. One benefit beyond face-to-face training sessions includes the ability to record sessions for playback. The ability for playback benefits both learners and training managers. Learners have the ability to rewatch instructional sessions, and training managers can easily provide feedback to new instructors.

Built right into Moodle’s user-friendly interface, BigBlueButton allows you to:

  • Use sign-up links directly in Moodle courses

  • Restrict students from entering the session until the teacher or trainer arrive

  • Launch BigBlueButton in a separate window

  • Create custom welcome messages that appear in a chat box

  • Specify join, open and close dates for sessions in Moodle calendar

  • Record a session and easily access the recording

  • Access and manage recordings directly in Moodle

For the full Guide to Moodle's Advance Features, check out the third chapter of our Complete Users Guide to Moodle. 

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