Totara LMS: Enterprise-level Solution for Performance Management

November 29, 2013

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Totara is a ‘distribution’ of Moodle, the world’s top open-source Learning Management System. With over 68 million users in over 7 million courses with 1.2 million plus teachers, Moodle is by far the most successful online learning system in the world. Based on the open source Moodle backbone, Totara LMS extends Moodle’s strengths to provide training, performance management, and personnel management for enterprise-level businesses. Recent examples in government and financial services have shown that confidence in and commitment to open source platforms is rapidly increasing. In the financial services, banks and trading platforms – which were all traditionally in-house development projects are now moving en-masse to open source for solid business reasons. Here are a few reasons why Totara, based on the open source Moodle platform is good for business.

Plays with others well

Open source software adheres to open standards. If your organization values easy integration with other applications (CRMs, HR systems, ERPs), business partners and suppliers, then you don't want to be hamstrung by proprietary data formats. Working together is what open source is all about, not building code walls around so-called trade secrets.


It used to be that the more closed a system, the more secure. This model has been turned upside-down by open source systems, which draw on the principle that the more people have access to the code, the more people can find and fix security problems quickly. The length of time that it took Microsoft to fix the zero-day flaw in Internet Explorer is one example. With open source, someone will spot the flaw and fix it before it has been exploited - averting malfeasance altogether. It is extremely rare that an open source application would wait for weeks for a security patch.

Innovation is inescapable

When Enterprises turn to open source software, they free themselves from ‘Vendor Vision’. Open source solutions such as Totara have access to, and receive input from, thousands of developers who continuously work to improve open source applications. This type of agility and input is limited with closed-source or proprietary software that cannot participate in the continuous improvement project that open source represents.

Enterprise-Level solution

Totara’s new performance management module allows companies to carry out employee performance appraisals and facilitate ongoing feedback between employees, co-workers and managers – all based on individual performance goals. Managers and human resource professionals can tune individual performance proactively – easily generating reports from assessments to manage performance-related pay, bonuses and promotions. Can’t access what you need, or want to alter the way the module works? Go ahead, you can make any changes you like.

Unmatched ROI

Totara adds value to Moodle by turning it into a high-performance learning and employee management system. The money you spend on Totara comes back to you in extended functionality made for business, combined with the underlying innovations in Moodle. Because Totara is based on Moodle, the entire open source community is working for your business all the time.

Interested in learning how Totara can provide Enterprise-level training and management? Register for our Dec 4th webinar.

Sell, market, manage, and scale your eLearning all in one place with the brand new Lambda Suite!!

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